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My 2 cents about Eito & Ryo, and fanfic

Hello, hello whoever is here,

So I have been sitting on this for a while now and I think... I think I am done.

After the fallout, I can't bring myself to the same feelings towards eito (all of them, including the ex-members). I naively believed in their friendship and all, which seems like a huuge lie at the moment. It still hurts. It is not Ryo leaving to be honest, it is the way he did and Eito's silence about it. that, to me, speaks volumes.

I feel too naive, stupid and heartbroken.

I've decidedto not update my fic anymore. I dont know if I ever will feel like continuing it again. Or ever to become an active part of the fandom again. Probably not.

Thank you,
and bye for now.