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My 2 cents about Eito & Ryo, and fanfic

Hello, hello whoever is here,

So I have been sitting on this for a while now and I think... I think I am done.

After the fallout, I can't bring myself to the same feelings towards eito (all of them, including the ex-members). I naively believed in their friendship and all, which seems like a huuge lie at the moment. It still hurts. It is not Ryo leaving to be honest, it is the way he did and Eito's silence about it. that, to me, speaks volumes.

I feel too naive, stupid and heartbroken.

I've decidedto not update my fic anymore. I dont know if I ever will feel like continuing it again. Or ever to become an active part of the fandom again. Probably not.

Thank you,
and bye for now.

My Two Bits About Ryo & Yamapi's Withdrawal

Hey, how are you all?
I just heard the shocking news, about NEWS. shocking and sad really.

truth be told I was waiting this; yamapi talking about solo albums and concerts, ryo wearing out because of the tight schedule. and news didn't have much work/activities for a year (or two years?). I was expecting that yamapi would leave the group and that would force ryo to make his final decision.

but it was a shock! why you ask? 'why, if you were expecting it?'
first of all I didn't expect Yamapi to act this suddenly; yeah it wasn't actually sudden but lets say a bit more slower.
secondly the group was my first japanese band, my first fandom. I still remember the first time I got to know the group. true, they are not exactly my stile but I had fun watching them. yes it was very entertaining. now it is like my precious happy childhood days. I remember them with a sour smile on my face. the feeling is the same really.

but overall it was expected and (I guess) necessary.
I heard many fans are angry with them, that is not fair. well maybe for yamapis case for being selfish. but still it could be understood.

yamapi was not a real social person, or to be exact, he likes to be independent. news wasn't his idea, he was just assigned to it. he wanted to be something else. and he chased after his dream. most probably -I think- Jin's situation triggered this. no I am not on his side completely. my anger actually comes most from how tiny news' activities got, just becasue they wanted the fans to be ready. but I guess it was decided.

the infamous johnny most probably thought about this from the beginning. (I am going to be heartless from here, sorry news fans) news was choosen from a bunch of guys that was not very well known and a shining star. he choose them in order to:
1- make yamapi a nest that he can grow on, because it was obvious he was goin to be an individual star. (yes you can say he made news yamapi's stepping stone)
2- with yamapis fame these unknown talents would shine, and after being famous nation wide they would lead a carrier most suiğtable for them.
he is a buisnessman after all and I don't really blame him, no he was very smart. (though I don't personaly like him)

for ryo leaving;
-fact: he is very tired
-fact: he was talking about the schedules and if he had to leave one of the bands with the mannagers, jimusho etc.
-fact: clearly he HAD to quit one.
(should I remind you that he weared his body that it failed him once?)
-fact: he did talk but didn't want to take any actions yet. he wanted to go on as much as he could.
so I don't blame him for leaving. definitely not. he had to leave one, and yamapi made it easier.
oh yes it was announced at the same time but probably yamapis desicion lead him to this conclusion too. thats what I think. with yamapi gone, what would it be for him?
lets look at this in two perspevtives
1-  as his career: we see one group which was successful but not very active anymore. and another group that is climbing its way, shining. if you had to leave one of the groups which would you choose. logically.
2- as friendship: shoul I really write? kanjani was his best buddy, childhood friends. he was very close and comfortable around them. fooled around as he pleased. news: oh yes he was close with yamapi, but the rest? eventually they did get along but not the same. they were friends ofcourse but kanjani was in a different level. so what would your heart say?

if you are not a ten year old fanatic you probably would understand what I am trying to say. they don't deserve those hatred coming from some fans. remember that they are human and they are trying to do their best.

as a ryo fan I am happy for him, he won't be exhausted or unhealthy anymore - not like this. as a kanjani fan I am happy that he choose eito. still it is sad that those happy news days are over. the new news will have a different aura :(

so, take care all. missed you all a lot.

p.s.: about my fics: I will continue to write it as it is. if I will write another, not sure, there may be the old news, may be the new.