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[FANFIC] Ryo, The Latchkey Boy, Chapter 13: Midnight Intervention

Title: Ryo, the Latchkey Boy
Characters: Kanjani8, News, Various other JE boys.
Main Focus: Ryo
Summary: An unexpected event rips the hearts of Kanjani8 and News members. They are left to attend their wound while looking after one of their own.
(side note: this is NOT a death fic, even though it looks like it.)
Format: Multi-Chapter Story
Warnings: This is set during spring 2010 while News was still a six-member group and *obviously* Subaru was still in the band.
Note: All chapters are going under editing at the moment. Next chapter might take time to upload.

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Previous Chapter: A little Problem

Tags: fanfic: kanjani8, fanfic: multichapter, fanfic: news, fanfic: nishikido ryo, fanfic: ryo the latchkey boy

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