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Ryo The Latchkey Boy, Chapter 12: A little Problem

Chapter 12:  A Little Problem
In a crowded dusky bar three popular idols were drinking without anyone noticing them. Not that they stand out, idols were used to not attract anyone in their private life. Besides it was a ritual to them; Yamapi, Toma and Jin usually went out for a drink after a tiring day.
“So,” Toma asked, eying the crowd. “anything new?”
Yamapi remained silent but Jin answered Toma’s question after finishing his glass. “I am going to America soon.”
“I asked if there was ‘something new’ idiot.”
Jin made a dramatic face. “But I will miss you while I’m gone.”
“Sure, sure. You’re going to party with chicks. Then a month later you’ll call us to inform how good your life is and how ours suck.”
Jin grinned. “Then you can follow my steps.”
“Ha-ha, very funny Bakanishi. Don’t you think Pi?” Toma finally turned to his other friend, realizing hwo silent the other was. Yamapi sure did look like he was dozing off with his untouched glass waiting in front of him. “What’s with you?!” Toma pinched his old friends arm.
“Ouch! What are you doing?” came an angry answer immediately.
“You were dazing off.”
“No I was not!” Yamapi replied rather harshly.
Toma and Jin glanced at each other. “What’s wrong?”
“We can sense it you know.” Toma insisted.
“Oh really?” the News member didn’t bother to look at them.
“Yeah really!” Toma replied with an angry voice. “And you insist that we are friends. No, that we are brothers.”
Yamapi slammed his glass on the table. “What did you say?”
“I said that you are acting like an ass!” Toma glared at him. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with the other.
Jin rolled his eyes. “You two idiots should stop ‘cause I think I know the reason why he is down.” Two pairs of furious eyes looked at him; but that would rarely affect him. He grinned. “It’s about that skinny monkey isn’t it?”
Toma looked at Yamapi who looked away in an instant. “Why do you think it is?” the news member asked.
“Well he’s causing many troubles lately.” Jin answered happily, ignoring Yamapi’s angry glare. But the other immediately tried to recollect himself; looking more calm and drinking his beer.
“Who is causing problems you say?”
“Ah, scary.” Jin slid closer to Toma.
“Do you think Ryo is a problem?!”
“Scary, scary, scary!” Jin nearly yelled.
“Pi, just calm down. We don’t think he is.” Toma stared at his friend.
Finding the courage in Toma’s words “Although he is a pain in the ass sometimes, he is not a problem at all.” Jin laughed.
Before Yamapi could give a sarcastic answer to Jin, Toma continued; “Lately you have a big problem with Ryo, not us. And it seems like you’re trying to take it out from everyone who accidently says something a bit negative about Ryo.”
“I do not!” Yamapi denied with anger filled voice. “I don’t have a problem with him at all. You idiots, can’t you see I am angry about how others treat Ryo. What’s wrong with protecting your friend?!”
“Dude that’s your excuse.” said Jin before taking a sip from his glass.
“Come on!” Toma insisted. “Tell us what is eating you.” Him and Jin watched as Yamapi examined their face and turned his attention back to the bar.
“Stop the torture already.” Jin rolled his eyes.
“I am not ignoring you, idiot! Can’t you see that I am thinking?!”
“No he can’t.” Toma answered instead of Jin; his voice was teasing. “How can he know? After all he never done something like ‘thinking’ before.”
“You two!” jin complained with an angry spark in his eyes.
“What? You’ll miss us when you are in America. You said so yourself. We are just trtying to make memories here.” Toma’s smile was beaming.
“Just sit and wait. I’ll definetly have all the chicks in America.”
Toma just realized how hurt Yamapi’s expression was. “We are getting off topic again.” He warned Jin. “What about Ryo bothers you?”
Yamapi turned his emotionless eyes to his friends. “I…” he started. But he couldn’t continue. He took another sip from his drink. Others waited patiently for Yamapi to gain his courage. “I…” he continued. “Am I a bad friend?”
Toma sighed.
Jin Laughed. “Why on earth would you think something this foolish?”
Yamapi hesitated. “I am  not sure.”
The other two gave him a knowing look. “Right.”
“Really, I am not sure what it is. Can’t put my finger on it exactly. But there was this incident with Ryo…”
“After the accident?” Toma asked.
“No, not after, before. By the way that wasn’t accident, it was robbery, assault, attempted murder!”
Toma and jin looked at each other warily.
“I think you are taking your anger out of the thief.” Jin tried to rationalize.
“Don’t tell me he doesn’t deserve it!” Yamapi shot back with anger, nearly yelling.
“of course not. He does deserve it. But I think you are cirlcilng around the main subject. Get to it already.” Toma said before he drank his beer.
Yamapi watched as Jin threw some peanuts into his mouth. “Before the incident, there was a time that we were going to hang out together, but I cancelled at the last moment.”
“Was that the problem.” Jin rolled his eyes.
“Really pi, are you a drama queen or something?” Toma sighed.
“Ofcourse saru-chan would be angry, typical Ryo behaviour.”
“Will you shut up.” Yamapi cut. “Typical Ryo you say… but.”
“But?” Toma asked after ordering another drink.
“But?” Jin sighed. “But you are an idiot?”
“No, Bakanishi! But maybe I don’t know him at all, and maybe that’s why his ‘typical’ behaviour is upsetting me!” this confession earned him a blank stare from the other two.
“Akanishi-kun, would you like to knock some sense in to this idiot? Or should the honour be mine?” Toma spoke.
“I am not sure Ikuta-kun, maybe we both should.”
“Oi come on!” Yamapi nearly yelled, again. “I am trying to share my problems with you and this is your reaction?!”
“You are an idiot, more greater than me.” Jin rolled his eyes.
“Whoever gave you this idea about not knowing your friend is a moron.” Toma pointed out.
“I demand a duel! I don’t like to have rivals! Or at least those who try to steal my lawfully earned title.” Jin complained.
“Oh maybe its Ryo, the guy did hit his head pretty bad.” Toma suggested to jin.
“Could be. The other option is Pi thought about it himself, which proves his IQ is lower than mine.” Jin beamed with a smile as if he gained victory.
“Okay! Stop it you too!”
“Honestly who gave you the idea?” Toma asked.
“Well… hey but we do fight a lot!I mean if I really knew him-“
Toma stared at Yamapi in disbelief. “God! If you were not drunk I would hit you.”
“Friende usually fight you know. Fights draws people closer.”
“Who the hell was idiot enough to make you believe that?” Toma insisted.
“err… we had an argument with Shige and…“ Yamapi summarized the little incident between him and Shige.
“Honestly!” Jin said.
“Shige is an idiot too then.” Toma commented.
“Hey!” Yamapi opposed.
Toma sighed before he started to explain. “I think he has his own problems and, like you, he is taking it out on someone else; in this case, you.”
“Yamapi you know that ‘knowing a person’ doesn’t mean you are able to read him like an open book, right?”
Yamapi looked at them. “Of course not. But at least I should be able to understand what he is thinking.”
“Maybe we should write it down for him, and make him read it hundred times. He’ll eventually understand.” Jin said to Toma.
“Hope so.” Toma said.
“I really want to kick you right now.” Yamapi said.
“Okay, I’ll try to explain it once more. Now Pi, for all these years we spent together we came to understand each other’s ‘feelings’. We learned how to react when we saw the other angry, upset etcetera…” Toma’s expression was like a patient teacher. “But unfortunately for you Pi, we didn’t develop any talents like mind reading.”
“That would be way too easy.” Jin yawned. “Then Life would be borring.”
Yamapi opened his mouth to say something but Toma cut him. “We have something called ‘conversation’ to be able to know what kind of thing is bothering the other’s mind.”
“I think Pi is coming to his senses. Of course thanks to us, or he would continue to have a low IQ.”
Yamapi threw him some peanuts. “I get it already Bakansihi.”
“You are not allowed to call me that before clearing this mess.”
“By the way what’s Ryo doing? I heard he was very busy.”
“Yup.” Yamapi confirmed. “He is most probably resting. He is not healed yet and they are making him learn the choreography and the song. Every time I see him he is dead tired. Like when he had one tour following the other and dramas to film, events to attend.
A confused expression appeared on Jin’s face “I don’t get it, he is not healed yet, how can they force him?”
“It’s Johnny-san. His words are absoulute.” Toma sighed. “Where is he now?”
“Who Johnny?”
“No Bakanishi, Ryo.”
“At home. He is not going out much; he isolated himself to his house.”
“That’s understandable. He is probably very scared of the world right now.”
“Let’s go and see him one day.” Jin suggested.
“Let’s wait for him to heal first.” Toma said. “Not you Pi; you should go and solve the problem.”
“Yes sir!” Yamapi bottomed up his drink and got up to his shaky legs.
“Not tonight idiot.” Jin laughed.
“Yes, okay.” Yamapi mumbled.
“He is drunk?” Toma laughed.
And that was about their evening, it started grumpy but ended with laughs.

A.N: hmm… A beta would not be a bad idea it seems…
Saru: means monkey in Japanese (God bless google translate :p)
Important note is the first part of this chapter was written way before than ‘the withdraw’ of ryopi. The story will continue as it is – news will remain a six member group. I won’t change the plot to adjust to the new reality. For those who is still too sensitive to see them as old news, I am sorry.
Love you all, and comments are always appreciated :)

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