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[FANFIC] Ryo, The Latchkey Boy, Chapter 7: Latchkey Boy part 2

Title: Ryo, the Latchkey Boy
Characters: Kanjani8, News, Various other JE boys.
Main Focus: Ryo
Summary: An unexpected event rips the hearts of Kanjani8 and News members. They are left to attend their wound while looking after one of their own.
(side note: this is NOT a death fic, even though it looks like it.)
Format: Multi-Chapter Story
Warnings: This is set during spring 2010 while News was still a six-member group and *obviously* Subaru was still in the band.
Edited on 12.03.2019

Chapter 7: Latchkey Boy - Part 2

To Ohkura’s surprise however, Ryo slowly went to pick up one of the pictures. He stared at the back of the photo and read what was written.

We just found a Doku-kun, while you are working for Taiwan concert. Don’t worry about us, we are thinking about using him at the shows to replace you; so, take your time and rest. Maybe we will dye it to yellow.
From: Cute-chan, Little Ossan, Hoteru-kun, Moshimo-kun, Maruo-kun, Shuutto Shita Ko

Ryo turned the picture to look at it again. “hmm…” he mumbled and got up. A smile was trying to creep up his face, but he didn’t let it. He gently placed the picture back on the end table and went on to find more treasures.
Entering the living room, Ryo looked around. His eyes stopped at the bathroom door. He wanted to wash his face but… the suffocating feeling still haunted him. He shook the feeling off and dragged his feet to bathroom. He had to overcome it at one point.
Yassu could only take a peak but he saw haw Ryo hesitate. Hina texted Yoko as fast as he could.

TO: Peter Pan
Dokkun on his way to bathroom

From: Peter Pan
Yosh! Understood.

Yoko could see Ryo enter the bathroom from the small gap he left. He watched the younger open the faucet and stare at the flowing water.
Ryo let out a heavy sigh. He slowly reached for the water with his left hand and wetted his fingers. After a minute or so he tried to splash water on his face. Although the amount of water was very little, it was refreshing. He felt the urgent need to be clean and glanced to the shower. Was it worth to risk it?
Yoko froze, but Ryo didn’t actually see him. He was more likely lost in thought.

FROM: Ossan
What’s going on Yokocho?

TO: Ossan
Dokkun is flirting with water.

FROM: Ossan

TO: Ossan
He is taking his time washing his hands.
Does he have some issues with water?

FROM: Ossan
Dunno, ask Yasu or Ohkura.

TO: Hoteru-kun
What’s the problem with water?

FROM: Hoteru-kun
Ryo is afraid of it
I don’t know why

Oblivious what was going on behind him, Ryo dried his hands and stepped out.
Now what was he going to do?
He explored the living room with his eyes again. one corner harboured a few guitars, cables lying in a tangled mess beneath them. Since he didn’t remember how he played he turned his gaze to the bookshelves. Apparently, he possessed lots of books and DVDs. Why did he need that much, he wondered; was he an avid reader?
He grabbed a DVD from the shelf and stared at the cover.
“Puzzle.” He read out. Kanjani8 was written right under the title. So this was his bands – one of his bands – DVD. Interesting. He opened the tv, startling Yassu behind it without realizing, and placed the DVD in, excited to see what would greet him. He crouched down on the floor and got the controller. His eyes shone with anticipation while he bit his lips nervously.

Yassu typed furiously from behind the TV.

TO: Tacchon
What is he doing?
Should I move or wait?

FROM: Tacchon
Don’t move
He will notice you immediately
He is watching our puzzle concert

Subaru peeked in from the kitchen door. Maru and Ohkura was already at the bedroom door. Yoko could see everything from the gap of the bathroom door.
Ryo pressed the play button and fast forwarded it a bit. The song and the cheers filled the room. The performers, probably them, were floating up and down. Ryo looked shocked, wasn’t that scary? Did anyone fall from there? He searched for himself but failed. It was hard to tell.
He fast forwarded once more. When he stopped the song changed and everyone was on the ground now. With all the dancing and hyper moves Ryo couldn’t find himself. again Getting frustrated, he fast forwarded again, this time with 2x speed. The next stop showed him some of the members introducing themselves. No sign of him again.
Fast forward; 3x.
Two members were singing an energetic song. One was wearing a silly green tuxedo with a hat; the other was wearing a pink shirt. Ryo stared at them for a while.
He let out a frustrated sigh.
He wanted to be there, he needed to see himself. He needed proof that at least one thing was true. Not remembering anything and finding himself all alone made him feel miserable. He felt extremely lost.
Irritated, he threw the remote and wrapped his arms around his knees, hiding his face effectively. Before he could stop himself, he had started sobbing.
Yassu didn’t hear him but saw Subaru’s jaw clenching.

TO: Baru-chan
What’s going on?

FROM: Baru-chan
He is crying.

TO: Baru-chan
Eh? Why?
What did he see?

FROM: Baru-chan
Nothing, just the concert.
I am not sure what’s on his mind.

Yassu could see Subaru chewing his lips, deep in thought.

TO: Baru-chan
Maybe we should comfort him
Should I just go?

FROM: Baru-chan
No don’t!
It will make scare him more
Let’s gather at the front door
Like we just arrived

Yassu watched as the other members read Subaru’s text and gathered in front of the door one by one. He only crawled out of his hiding place once everyone settled. He eyed Ryo warily, but the latter was too immersed in his self-pity he wasn’t aware of the world around him. Yassu watched Ryo’s shaking shoulders for a moment and got up quickly to join the others.
“What now?” he whispered. The others looked as worried as he felt. Yoko scratched his head. Maru had a serious expression on his face. Hina pursed his mouth in worry.
Ryo raised his head and wiped one of his eyes; and froze. He spotter the others lingering near the entrance. What were they doing? It seemed like they were having a discussion. But why in front of the door? When did they even come?
Yoko noticed Ryo’s stare. He put a cheerful smile on his face “Good night Nishikido.”
The others turned to look at Ryo, who started to wipe away his tears franticly.
“Why are you here?” Ryo asked with a cracked voice. He cleared his throat.
“We wanted to visit our favourite amnesiac.” Subaru mocked with a grin.
The others draw near to Ryo. Ryo watched them with wide eyes.
An awkward, suffocating silence fell. They weren’t sure how to handle the situation. How do you comfort and amnesiac?
The first one to give in was Yassu. “Oh, you are watching our Kicyu performance.” He smiled happily. “Aaah we really worked hard for that one, right Yokocho?”
Ryo looked up at them, his arms were still around his knees, the tears trace was still visible on his cheeks.
“Right.” Yoko answered Yassu. He let his body fall on the couch behind Ryo. “But we enjoyed it very much. At the end of the concert Nishikido stole your hat and performed the last songs with that thing on his head.” He laughed while gesturing for an invisible hat on his head.
Ryo turned to look at Yoko. “Eh did I?”
“Oh right!” Hina butt in from the other couch. His laugh was exposing his molar teeth. “Yasuda was like ‘wait, that’s my costume!’”
“No I wasn’t!”
Ryo’s eyes were turning to the person who was talking. As they chatted happily of their concert memories, Ryo’s gaze fell on the floor.
“I have no clue about it.” he let out in a low voice.
“Of course, you don’t idiot.” Hina laughed. He was about to smack Ryo’s head but stopped himself just in time. “You have amnesia remember?”
Ryo sobbed. “I do.”
Subaru frowned at Hina. “Now that was not very wise was it?”
“I am sorry.” Ryo said instead of Hina.
“Eh?” Hina, who was about to apologize, exclaimed in surprise.
“There’s no need to be sorry.” Ohkura kneeled in front of Ryo. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” He smiled reassuringly at his friend.
Yassu crouched next to Ohkura. “Ryo-chan, I know, it is hard, but it will be over. You just need time.”
“How much? Till when am I going to wait? I don’t remember a thing!” Ryo sobbed again. Ohkura grabbed Ryo’s shoulder, startling the other.
“Ryo, didn’t you remember an incident with your mother?”
Ryo tried to shrug but Ohkura’s pressure on his shoulders prevented him.
“Ryo look at me. Raise your head and look at me.” Ohkura shake Ryo a bit, which alarmed the other.
Ryo did look at him, but with anger filled eyes. “The hell!”
“The most important thing is, you still have your friends next to you. We will always support you. It doesn’t matter what you forgot, you should always remember this.”
Ryo didn’t say anything. His mouth clamped shut and his eyes grew wider.
“You understand that don’t you.” Ohkura shook his shoulders again, this time gentler. “We will be here and help you no matter what it is. Okay?” Ohkura lowered his head to catch Ryo’s gaze, which was on the floor again.
They stayed like that for a while. The others patiently waited Ryo to settle things in his mind.
When Ryo finally raised his head there was a weak smile on his trembling lips.
“You know… my only problem is taking a shower... Since you said you’d help me…” he looked away shyly.
“Idiot.” Yoko and Hina laughed.
“Yosh!” Maru raised his fist. “First quest is shower!”
Ryo rolled his eyes. “What’s there to get excited about a shower. You’re really silly.”
“Paaaaaan!” Maru yelled energetically. The other laughed but Ryo’s smile faded.
Suddenly a scene started to play in Ryo’s head. They were on stage, Yoko and Maru was forcing Ryo to do the famous ‘paaan’. Ryo denied at first but the two were so insistent that he had to do it at the end. He remembered yelling ‘paaan!’ at the audience and falling down on his knees out of embarrassment.
Ryo blinked to see everyone staring at his paled face.
“Did I-“ he cleared his throat. “Did I ever do that? On – on stage.”
Yoko’s eyes widened. “I made you do that!” he screamed excitedly. “And that was years ago!”
“See. Told you so. You are going to remember. Just be patient.” Maru messed Ryo’s hair.
“Stop treating me like a kid!” Ryo pouted.
“Stop behaving like a kid.” Subaru grinned.
Yeah, the only thing they needed was patience.

To be continued...

Midori is Ohkura’s ranger colour – green. I am not sure if it means simply green or a shade of it. Doku means poison. Daiseko means big success.
Cute-chan is Yassu; Little Ossan is Subaru; Hoteru-kun is Ohkura; Moshimo-kun is Hina; Maruo-kun is Maru; Shuutto Shita Ko is Yoko.
This… this is just silly :) please tell me your opinions too ^^
And this was the last chapter I could post for now. Starting this night my web connection ends and life in hell begins :p Still I am saying I might be able to post something again; I am not giving my hope up. Dunno why I am so optimistic lol ^^

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