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[FANFIC] Ryo, The Latchkey Boy, Chapter 4: Reunion - Part 1

Title: Ryo, the Latchkey Boy
Characters: Kanjani8, News, Various other JE boys.
Main Focus: Ryo
Summary: An unexpected event rips the hearts of Kanjani8 and News members. They are left to attend their wound while looking after one of their own.
(side note: this is NOT a death fic, even though it looks like it.)
Format: Multi-Chapter Story
Warnings: This is set during spring 2010 while News was still a six-member group and *obviously* Subaru was still in the band.
Edited on 18.02.2019

Chapter 4: Reunion - Part 1

A dead tired Yokoyama Yuu was resting his head on a dead tired Shibutani Subaru’s shoulder.   They couldn’t find the energy to leave the hospital, so now they were sleeping soundly on the chairs in Ryo’s private hospital room.
Yamapi, who was in the same room with them, didn’t actually mind them. His eyes were locked on Ryo who was fast asleep as well. But Yamapi’s mind kept repeating a scene from earlier, making him feel restless.

“Can you tell me your name?” The doctor asked Ryo
“Of course!” Ryo smiled. This should be an easy question for Ryo, Yamapi thought. “It is...” but it seemed like Ryo was struggling. He kept frowning, biting his lower lip and fidgeting in general.
The doctor took a note on his chart.
“Wait, I know my name!” Ryo objected.
The doctor smiled at him. “Let’s move to the next question.”
“But I know my name.”
“Okay, then you can tell me in five seconds. Otherwise we will be moving to the next question.”
“Can you tell me where were you born?”
Ryo bit his lips as he scowled. “Umm…”
“You don’t know? I see…” the doctor noted down something on his chart. “Then what can you tell me about your family?”
“Ah, they...” Ryo stopped and looked around.
The doctor watched Ryo carefully before he wrote something else. Yamapi could see Ryo was getting more and more confused and lost. He was becoming more and more agitated.
“No wait! I know, I know. It’s just at the tip of...”
“...Your tongue?” the doctor completed for him. “You feel like you are about to remember?”
“Yes.” Ryo sighed. “I am sure I can answer the next question.”
“Then why don’t you tell me something you remember, memories before you woke up here.”
Ryo looked very uncomfortable; he chewed on his lower lip nervously.

Yamapi didn’t like how his friend looked so vulnerable, how he was trying hard to remember and how he failed. He really hated to watch Ryo in that state. And the worst of all was, he couldn’t do anything about it.
He and the two Kanjani8 members were watching it from the far corner of the room at the time. They were not allowed to interact in any way so they watched helplessly.
After the ‘interrogation’ as Yoko called it, the doctor invited them out to explain Ryo’s situation.
As far as Yamapi could remember he said that head injuries were actually very serious. Nobody could know exactly what would be the outcomes. In some cases there were unexpected deaths, some became sick after hitting their heads. Amnesia, of course, was one of the outcomes. His character may change as well. For amnesia they couldn’t be sure if Ryo would remember anything at all. He could remember everything in an instant, or it could come to him slowly. He could gain his memories tomorrow or twenty years later. There was nothing to do about that. He could only suggest that Ryo see a neurologist regularly. Tiny details or shocks or old memories could help him remember. But they should be careful not to agitate him too much. He might have nightmares as well, it was very common in amnesia cases.
Hearing those words Yamapi felt his world darken even more. These past few days were like a roller coaster to him. First the fight, then losing Ryo in a freak accident, then just after finding out Ryo was actually alive, losing him once more, metaphorically.
He couldn’t bring himself to tell the others about this new turn of event. All he said was “Don’t come, its getting crowded over here. We will bring Ryo-chan home tomorrow.”
They didn’t like it surely. But they did decide to wait patiently. At least Ryo was alive, so they were happily waiting for him to come back to them.
Since he was deep in thought, Yamapi didn’t notice Ryo’s troubled sleep.
Ryo was sweating heavily. He turned from one side to the other and shoved the pillows away as he tried to breath. He jerked his eyes open and breathed heavily as he lay motionless. His body was all sore; his hands ached from where he gripped the sheets. Now that he saw the dream was not real, he calmed himself down slowly. Only after he had adjusted, he gazed around the dark room.
Yes the three men were still there. Two of them were sleeping but that one, who attacked him earlier, was awake and he was looking right in to his eyes.
Ryo felt a big lump of fear forming on his throat. The idiot was watching him. Why? Who was he? Why was he here?
But then he noticed the other one was not looking at him; he was just lost in his thoughts. Although this calmed him down, Ryo tried to stay still regardless. He didn’t want to alert the other and trigger another attack like earlier.
They told him they were close friends but Ryo was sure he didn’t like that sissy. No way could he be friends with him. At least that would prove he was not who they insisted to be. He didn’t trust them. He didn’t trust anyone. Ah how he wish he could remember.
Yamapi blinked his eyes and suddenly smiled. “Ryo-chan!” he exclaimed warmly.
Yoko jumped at the sound and looked around, and then he placed his head back on Subaru’s shoulders.
Ryo’s shoulders stiffened. Yamapi didn’t miss that one but he tried to smile happily as nothing happened. “I didn’t notice you were awake. Do you need something? I can get you water if you want. Your throat must be pretty sore.” Yamapi wondered if this was how Koyama usually felt, worrying so much about the other one, being an overprotective mother bear.
Ryo on the other hand didn’t like to be found out. He raised himself from the bed and cleared his throat as much as he could; it still hurt to swallow. “No.” He managed to say with a cracked voice. “I don’t want anything.” But when he realized Yamapi just gotten on his feet and was coming towards him, he held his breath in fear. His eyes went wide.
Yamapi saw how suddenly Ryo backed away to the edge of the bed. “I am not going to hurt you Ryo-chan.” he said as he sat on the bed. This was tough for him, how do you handle an amnesiac best friend who turned to a scaredy-cat?
Yamapi smiled bitterly. “You might not remember, but we are close friends. I will never ever hurt you.”
Ryo’s only response was blinking his eyes.
“I can imagine how hard it is to trust a complete stranger.” Yamapi’s voice cracked at the last two words, but he cleared his throat to continue. “But I am truly concerned about your wellbeing. I just want to help, that’s all.”
Ryo didn’t say anything so they remained silent for a while. Yamapi turned his gaze to the floor. He felt his strength leaving him.
Ryo himself was too scared to say anything.
“Ryo,” he began again, looking up at his friend. “I must apologize. I know you don’t remember this but the last night we saw each other, I was at fault. And before that too... I am sorry.” He bowed his head a bit.
Ryo looked at him in disbelief. “And you are saying this now, when I don’t have any clue what the hell you are talking about?”
Yamapi grinned. “But that’s because, when you gain your memories you’ll complain about it. You’ll say that I should have apologized earlier. And you’d probably add that amnesia isn’t an excuse.”
“You are an idiot.” Ryo rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. “I think saying it now is another excuse. I will probably say that you are trying to get over it while I don’t remember. Pretty pathetic attempt to run away from confrontation.” He cleared his throat again. “Now, if you excuse me, I want to sleep.”
“Okay.” Yamapi got up, he smiled down at Ryo. “I am glad to see our Ryo-chan is still there.”
Ryo looked up at Yamapi, confused. But he didn’t say anything further. He wasn’t sure what Yamapi just saw in him. And he didn’t want to know right now. He lay back on his bed and covered himself with sheets. He wished there was a familiar face beside him before closing his eyes. Everything was too strange.

The next morning came easily only for Ryo. Truth be told, he spent most of the day sleeping, that’s probably why.
For the other three who was accompanying him, it was like a whole month passed by. They sure did sleep too, if you would count two or three hours of sleep on a chair; no need to add that they were quiet anxious so they couldn’t rest properly; even if they had a nice and comfortable bed next to them.
For the rest of the members, however, it was a happy feeling. They only left Ryo’s apartment to get a proper sleep, to recharge before Ryo came back to them.
Early in the morning Ryo’s front door opened once again. Koyama, who beforehand borrowed Yamapi’s spare key, entered the messy home; it was much messier than Ryo had left it that awful morning.
Tegoshi let out a tired sigh after entering the flat. Massu, who was behind him, looked around with a happy grin on his face.
“Oi don’t sigh Tegoshi. It’s not that messy. We can clean up pretty quick.”
Tegoshi sighed again. “How do you expect me to know how to clean up? You know I’ve never done anything like this before.”
“Don’t be a spoiled brat.” Koyama laughed. “There is no need for experience to tidy up or clean up.”
“But... Why isn’t Shige here?”
“He is busy, you know, for the drama-” Koyama suddenly stopped as he looked in the bathroom. “Aie! There is a corpse here! Oh my god!” He jumped back and hid behind Tegoshi.
Tegoshi rolled his eyes. “Don’t be stupid Kei-chan.” He went to check the bathroom as Masuda watched them with curious eyes.
“Oi! It’s not a corpse Kei-chan!’ came Tegoshi’s muffled voice from inside the bathroom. ‘It’s just Ohkura-kun sleeping.” He peeked out of the door to look at the oldest member.
“Sorry! I am sorry. Sorry Tegoshi. But he really looked dead.”
“Shouldn’t we wake him up?” asked Massu as he looked over Tegoshi’s shoulder. “That must be very uncomfortable.”
Both of them looked down at Ohkura.
“You are too noisy.” Ohkura mumbled, his eyes still closed. He rolled to his side and scratched his head.
“Err... Ohkura-kun,” Masu began. “You might catch a cold sleeping like that.
“Ohkura-kun?” It was Tegoshi this time. “What were you doing here?”
“Eh?” Both News members looked at each other.
“Mmm... Laundi...”
“Maybe he is trying to say ‘laundry’?” suggested Koyama.
“Oh you are right Kei-chan.” Tegoshi was looking at the washing machine.
“...Ryo’s clothes were dirty...” Ohkura mumbled.
“Err... Okay but you should hang them to dry too.”
“M-hm....” Ohkura suddenly opened his eyes. “Ah damn it, I fell asleep.” He rubbed his eyes. “What time is it?”
Massu looked down at his watch. “Around twelve.” he answered.
“Great! Is it that late! I have to clean everything before Ryo comes.”
“Don’t worry about that.” Koyama said cheerfully behind his bandmates. “We are here for the same reason.”
Ohkura raised his head to look at them. “Then why are you just standing there? Get your lazy asses to work.” He clapped his hands.
“Ah, yes!” answered all News members. Ohkura could be quiet scary if he wanted.
They all rushed around and started to clean up like busy ants. Tegoshi grabbed a bag and started to collect the trash all over the place; beer cans empty snack packs, full ashtrays. Massu got the vacuum and started to clean the entire place; cleaning after Tegoshi twice coz the baby faced guy was very clumsy. Koyama was busy at the kitchen. There was quiet a mess there. They didn’t realize how they messed the place while they were in sorrow. When did they use these plates or those glasses, he really didn’t know. Looking at one of the glasses, he saw a cigarette swimming in the beer, it was disgusting. Koyama grimaced.
Ohkura on the other hand was doing laundry and tiding up Ryo’s bedroom. He was sure Ryo would feel dead tired and, well, he loved clean sheets. While he was hanging the clothes the bell ringed. He passed the living room; Massu was yelling at Tegoshi because the other had dropped the ash tray. Apparently it wasn’t the first time.
“Good morning!” yelled Yassu with a very energetic voice when Ohkura opened the door. He had bags on his hands. “I brought food!”
“Ah lovely, I was so hungry.” Ohkura grabbed the bags and searched what was inside.
“They are not for you idiot.” Yassu snatched them away. “They are for Ryo.”
Ohkura snorted as he let the guitarist in. “We were very busy cleaning up, you know. Soo tired and hungry! Can’t you-“
“No! Tachhon Never! Wait patiently for the others, especially Ryo.”
“You are unusually ruthless today.” mumbled Ohkura.
Yassu shrugged. “Oh! The house looks great. Last time I saw, it was like a war field.”
“Food!” Massu yelled.
“Not for you.” Said Yassu, rolling his eyes.
Massu didn’t like the reply but he didn’t say anything and turned back to what he was doing. Tegoshi looked at them with disappointment for a second then he too turned back to what he was doing. Koyama who was wiping the sticky floor of the kitchen looked at them through the door.
“Yasuda-kun, isn’t that a bit harsh?”
“Eh?” Yassu’s eyes widened.
“I think they misunderstood you.” commented Ohkura. “It’s for Ryo-chan, he doesn’t let even me grab a piece.” Ohkura waved at them in reassurance.
“Sorry. Sorry I didn’t mean to be rude.” Yassu apologized with a worried face. The ringing bell interrupted them once more. “Ah, it must be Maru-chan and Shin-chan.”
Ohkura smiled. “Ryo will be angry at us. ‘I need rest you idiots, go back home!’” Ohkura mimicked Ryo’s voice as Yassu opened the door. He was correct; Maru and Hina just arrived with bags on their hands.
“We bought food!” Maru smiled energetically.
“Eh? You too?”
“Eh? Yassu bought too?”
“Great!” Ohkura clapped his hands. “Now I can grab a piece!”
“Wait for Ryo idiot Tatsuyoshi.” Hina smacked Ohkura’s head.
“Wow! This place looks very clean.” Maru changed the subject.
“Of course it does, we have been working on it since...”
“Just one hour.” said Koyama checking his watch.
“Eh? But I am so tired.” Tegoshi complained.
“Really? Me too! It’s incredible how house work can be very tiring. Just one piece Maru-chan?” Ohkura tried to be cute. Actually he could be cute if he wanted to be, and he knew how to use it. It usually worked; but not today.
“Wait for Ryo-chan Tatsuyoshi!” said Maru sternly.
“Okay!” Ohkura solemnly sat on the couch accepting defeat.
“That won’t work either.” Hina laughed. “When are they coming anyway? Anybody called them.”
“Well Kei-chan has been calling Yamapi every ten minutes.” Tegoshi turned to look at Koyama expectantly, so did the others.
Koyama was taken aback because of the sudden attention. “Well... um...” he started to play with the fabric in his hand. “They need to check up something, waiting for some results. So it may take some time. They hope to be here before evening.”
“Ah...” Maru sat next to Ohkura and Hina after placing the bags on the coffee table. “There is still hours, how is it supposed to pass?”
“Try to help us by cleaning.” Ohkura suggested with an evil smile.
“But it’s all clean.” complained Maru.
“You lazy ass.”
“Hey, wasn’t it very crowded out there?” Shingo cut them.
“Out? You mean front of the building?” asked Ohkura.
“Yup. I wonder if they are going to be okay.”
“We didn’t see anyone.” said Massu in a low voice. News members were extra careful each time they said something to the Kansai guys.
“We used the parking lot, that’s why.” explained Koyama. “They will be okay. Yamapi has his car with him.” He fished his phone out of his pocket. ‘I’ll send a text just in case.”
“Aah. I forgot the parking lot. Why didn’t anyone tell me?!”
“Oi, Oi! There’s no need for the b-gatan!” Yassu tried to calm Shingo. “You should have thought about it yourself.”

End of Part 1

Part 2 posted here
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