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[FANFIC] Ryo, the Latchkey Boy, Chapter 2: Memories of The Dead - Part 3

Title: Ryo, the Latchkey Boy
Characters: Kanjani8, News, Various other JE boys.
Main Focus: Ryo
Summary: An unexpected event rips the hearts of Kanjani8 and News members. They are left to attend their wound while looking after one of their own.
(side note: this is NOT a death fic, even though it looks like it.)
Format: Multi-Chapter Story
Warnings: This is set during spring 2010 while News was still a six-member group and *obviously* Subaru was still in the band.
Here is the awfully long second chapter. Enjoy! I really hope you do.
Edited on 13.02.2019

Chapter 2: Memories of The Dead - Part 3

Massu cleaned his throat. He looked around nervously.

“Over here Nishikido-kun.” Massu waved at the man with a cap on his head.
Ryo rushed over to him as he frowned. “Ssshh!” he scolded Massu. “I don’t want to see any fangirls around.”
“Eh? Why? They are cute.”
“Nishikido-kun you seem nervous.” Masu laughed. “Are you worried about tonight’s show?”
“Nope, why would I?” Ryo said as he checked the menu. “Oi Massu! Couldn’t you pick a better place?” he complained. “These are all sweet!”
“Eh?” Massu laughed. “I didn’t notice sorry. I didn’t really search since I am not picky.”
“Well I am.” Ryo said, he was getting angry, Massu could see it in his eyes.
“Sorry, we can go somewhere else.”
“Err, hello.” Said a high school girl. “Are you, erm”
Massu smiled at her, and her friends, brightly as he winked to Ryo. “You want an autograph?”
“Yes please.” The girl was about to melt. Massu took her pen and signed whatever she handed at him. And one another for the girl behind her, and another for the girl behind the next one... the line of fangirls continued. Some of them even wanted a photo together.
Ryo frowned at the sight and then looked out of the window, his elbow on the table, his chin on his palm. No one had noticed him yet with his cap and glasses obstructing half his face.
“Ah!” one of the girls accidently dropped her books. “Isn’t that Nishikido.”
“Is he?”
“Nishikido-chan.” Massu called out in a sweet voice. Ryo turned to look at them, bored.
“Eh, Scary.” whispered one of the girls to the other.
“We should go.” Said another.
“We are sorry.” One girl bowed. “We are sorry to disturb you.” They all ran out.
“You scared the fangirls.” Massu laughed.
“Yeah sorry.” was the only thing that came out of Ryo’s mouth.
Massu looked worried for a second but then a waiter came by. “May I take your order?”
“Yes, yes, we are really hungry.” Massu smiled brightly at the waiter. He was pretty sure Ryo seemed gloomy so he tried his best to hide that fact from the others. He ordered many things for himself and something for his friend, seeing the man wasn’t going to order anything. Their orders arrived shortly.
“Eat up Nishikido-kun.”
“You know you don’t have to be so formal-” Ryo began but glancing down at the dish place on the table, he stopped. Massu looked at him curiously as Ryo suddenly covered his mouth with his hand.
“Are you okay Nishikido-kun?” Ryo now closed his eyes and started to take deep breaths. “Here, some water.” Offered Massu. Ryo shook his head to refuse.
“Sorry.” Said Ryo awhile later. “I might have eaten too much fish last night.”
“Fish? You never eat fish, you hate fish.”
“Yeah.” Ryo let out slowly, his eyes still closed. “Why don’t we continue this lunch later?”
“Okay. Want me to-“
“I can go by myself, thank you.” He smiled and got up.

“So he was sick too?” said Koyama. The other News members shrugged. Shige squirmed from where he sat; guilt was creeping in his consciousness.
“Stop that!” Koyama scolded. “It’s not your fault.” He offered his friend a small smile before turning back to the game.
Eito was watching the pen choose the next person, seemingly ignoring the little interaction between the News members.
Lately the pen was pointing only at the ones who already shared their memories. Maru, Subaru, Yamapi, Shige, ah Koyama.
“My turn at last.” Koyama smiled.
“This better be good Kei-chan.” Tegoshi mumbled.
“Yes, yes. We were going to practice our dance steps for our latest single.” Koyama turned towards the Kanjani eight members. “We kept making mistakes so we thought we should study on it...”

“Good morning Ryo-chan!” Koyama entered the dressing room cheerfully. “How are you today?” Ryo, who was lying on the couch as usual, looked back at him.
“You are noisy.” He lifted his arm to cover his eyes.
Koyama went over to the couch and examined Ryo from head to toe. Ryo startled as he felt the others presence looming over him. He lifted his arm to his forehead.
“What is it Koyama?”
“You don’t seem well.”
“I am well enough.”
“You lost weight.”
“Nope, I did not.”
“You sure about that?”
“Yup very sure.” Ryo covered his eyes with his arm again.
“Ryo-chan, looking from here, you are very pale...” Ryo lifted his arm again and looked at the tall man frowning. “...you have dark circles around your eyes, your cheeks caved in even more. You are definitely thinner than me, Yamapi, Massu and Shige.”
“Did you start to day dream? Listening you I feel like a skeleton already.”
“You are not very far from it.”
Ryo sighed. “Can you stop acting like my mother?”
“Don’t you know they call me KoyaMama.” Koyama grinned and pointed both his thumbs to himself.
“Suits you well. Now can you stop standing there, it makes me feel dizzy.” Ryo changed his position to sitting.
“Nope. Did you have breakfast today?”
“Dinner last night?”
“Did you go out clubbing?”
“Did you drink much?”
“Are you stupid?”
“Not as much as you are.”
Koyama rolled his eyes “Well looks like your brain functions well.” He sat next to him
“Thank you doctor, am I going to live?”
“Nope, not much.”
“Too bad, there were some chicks you know. I might have seen them tonight. Can I make it to tonight? Ouch.” Koyama punched him on the arm.
“We are worried about you; can’t you at least accept our help?”
Ryo stared at him, surprised. “Thank you, but there is no need for you to worry. You know I can’t gain weight easily. Actually, it bothers me very much so can you stop mentioning it?”
“Okay, sorry. You are not worried about anything?”
“No mama!” Ryo said warily. “All I am worried about right now is I couldn’t sleep enough.”
“Okay, I am sorry. I’ll let you sleep until everyone arrives.”
“Thank you, mama.” Ryo smiled faintly and let himself fall on the couch. “It’s a lovely feeling.” He mumbled.
“You didn’t have to come this early you know.”
“Hmm...” Ryo was slowly drifting to sleep when Tegoshi entered the room cheerful, much more than Koyama.
“Good morning! Oh Ryo-chan you don’t look well, are you okay?”
Ryo hid his face with his arms. “Give me a break already.”

Eito was trying not to laugh. “What is it?” Koyama asked.
“KoyaMAMA!” Subaru laughed.
“What about it.” Koyama pouted.
“Next one!” yelled Yamapi as he tried to avoid a possible fight.
“Okay...” Maru spinned the pen. “Yoko... Koyama... me... Subaru... Tegoshi... Masuda... Yoko again... and Yamapi again... Yassu... Ohkura... me... Yoko...”
“Stop spinning already you idiot. It’s Tacchon’s turn.” Hina said. “I am the last one.”
Ohkura sighed. “Okay-“
“Tell us about that incident you were talking about earlier.”
Ohkura looked at Tegoshi. “I am going to, if you stop interrupting me.”
“Sorry.” Tegoshi mumbled. But he didn’t seem ashamed at all.
Ohkura cleared his throat. “We were having lunch together...”

Ryo was filling his mouth as much as he could. Ohkura laughed. “Of course you can’t gain weight like that, Ryo-chan.”
Ryo raised his head to throw an angry look at the drummer.
“Hey!” Ohkura raised both his hands. “I am telling the truth here. If you eat that fast you won’t be able to eat much, so you won’t be able to gain much weight.”
Ryo swallowed down. “Are you jealous because you’re chubby?” he asked in a playful tone.
Ohkura laughed again. “Who would want a thin waist like a girl.”
“Hey!” Ryo frowned. “I can’t help it okay.”
Ohkura was about to comment when a girl interrupted them.
“Hello.” She said with a shy smile. She seemed like a college student.
“Hello.” Greeted Ohkura, raising an eyebrow. Ryo was trying to hide his smirk.
“Well, I was watching you from over there.” She pointed a table far from theirs. “And you seemed very attractive.”
Ryo bit his lips to keep himself from making any sound. His eyes were sparkling with amusement.
“Thank you.” Ohkura said coldly. he would probably laugh at this later with Ryo; but not now, not in front of her.
“I was wondering… erm… if you’d like to do something together tonight? We can meet at-“ she was interrupted by Ryo, who couldn’t stop himself from giggling. Ohkura bit his lips, his face remained cold but his eyes sparkling just like Ryo’s.
“Why did you- Oh sorry but aren’t you Nishikido Ryo?” The last sentence was said in a bit of a harsh tone.
“Yeah, what about it peacock?” Ryo wouldn’t let anyone bully him, not easily.
“Hmph, just expected from you. Always acting like you are something and treating others like trash.” The girl started a full-on rant on Ryo. “You are a disgrace in Johnny’s I think you should quit already. I still don’t understand why you picked on poor Ueda! He was so kind towards you! At least have the decency to leave News, they are nice guys. Don’t take them down with you. I really can’t believe Yamapi lists someone like you as his friend.” Ryo’s eyes grow wider and wider at every sentence, but he kept his mouth shut.
“Probably Yamapi is not as shallow as you yourself are.” Ohkura answered instead. “Just because you saw him say something bad to Ueda, you developed this shallow thinking, hmpfh.” Now it was the girls turn to stay silent and watch with big eyes. “I wonder, do you know anything about Ryo, other than the so-called fight between him and Ueda?”
“He... he made fun of him to get popular, there is nothing I need to know to see that.”
“Right. To get popular. Pretty smart thinking there. I forgot that you fans knew everything. Even we don’t know all these things. It’s amazing how clever you are, how you can get in someone’s brain so easily.”
“He made Ueda cry!”
“He wasn’t crying.” Ohkura didn’t lose his calmness from the beginning. “He was trying to hide his face because he was laughing actually. Even if he was, why can’t you think that there might be some reason behind this ‘fight’?”
“Oi Ohkura!” Ryo butt in uncomfortably. “Aren’t you talking way too much?”
“Sorry.” Ohkura shrugged. The girl was about to cry. “But I really hate shallow people.”
“Let’s go.” Ryo patted Ohkura’s shoulder. “I don’t think I can eat anymore.”
“Good idea.”
They left the stunned girl all by herself and left the place.
“Thank you Tacchon.” Ryo smiled weakly once they were far away from the girl.
“No problem at all.” Ohkura put an arm around his friends shoulder. “Hey let’s go watch a movie.”
“You mean humiliate a movie?” Ryo’s smile grew brighter.
Ohkura shrugged. “It can’t be helped that all the movies lately are disgrace.” Ryo tensed at the last word but didn’t let his smile fade away.

Hina sighed. “My turn?”
“I would like to hit that girl really hard.”
“Tegoshi!” Koyama exclaimed in surprise.
“Come on Koyama. You are not going to act all optimistic right now are you?” Said Yamapi. “She deserves it.”
Hina whistled. “And I thought I was the tough one here. Apparently News can bite.”
“Start your ‘memory’ Shin-chan.” Yassu yawned.
“Okay, okay. Back to the night Subaru was talking about. Takki and I entered a very messy flat that night.”
“Skip that part.” Said Yoko.

Hina and Ryo was sitting next to each other silently. Ryo was wearing his glasses now. Subaru and Takki was talking about something in the kitchen. They seemed to forget the other two in the house.
“Hey Nishikido-kun.” said Hina.
“Yes Murakami-kun?”
“You couch is comfy.”
“Why, thank you.”
“Nishikido-kun you look quiet dorky tonight.”
“Thank you again Murakami-kun.”
“Nishikido-kun, did you buy a PlayStation?”
“No Murakami-kun, I did not. Try to entertain yourself with something different will you.”
“Like What Nishikido-kun?”
“How could I know? I am not you Murakami-kun. Thankfully.” He added.
“You are awful Nishikido-kun.”
“Thank you that’s quite a compliment Murakami-kun.”
“And you look awful too Nishikido-kun.”
“Thank you again Murakami-kun.”
“Are you sick again Nishikido-kun?”
“I am not sick okay! I am sick of people asking that to me Shin-chan.”
“I won yaaay!” laughed Hina happily. Ryo rolled his eyes.
“I see you found yourself something to entertain with.”
“Yup. It’s called ‘Ryo-chan’.”
“There are others here, why don’t you entertain yourself with them?”
“Don’t complain, you are the one who didn’t buy a PS.”
Ryo sighed. “Why did you guys invite yourselves here tonight?”
“We just wanted to spend some time with you. Takki-san is mad at you because you ditched him last time.”
Ryo shrugged. “You can’t complain, we went out together. And he can’t complain too. I didn’t promise him anything.”
“Nice to see you cheering again.”
“Eh?” Ryo looked at Hina, surprised.
“You are quiet down lately.”
Ryo bit his lower lip as he looked in front of him. “What makes you think that way Murakami-kun.” he forced himself to laugh. Hina frowned at the sight.
“You are just not yourself.”
“It’s nothing really.” Ryo waved his hand and turned to him with a smile. “My stomach is not very well tonight, I hope-“
“What kind of a lame excuse is that?”
“No, really, it is not.”
“Even if it is the truth, it’s not an excuse to run away from a conversation.”
“I am not running away!”
“Yes you are!”
“I am sitting here am I not! You are just imagining things. Grow up idiot, we are not children anymore.”
“Nope. But the one acting childish is you.”
Ryo crossed his arm and pouted.
“See.” Said Hina. He sighed. “Maybe you are right, maybe it’s not my business. I just wanted to help you.”
“Thank you but I don’t have any problems that warrants a serious discussion right now.” Ryo pointed out as he silently examined the leftovers at the coffee table. Hina sighed and scratched his hair.
“Fine.” He then looked towards the kitchen. The two men they left there was now starring at them silently.
“Nothing?” Subaru asked silently.
Hina shook his head. ‘Nope’

“And I think this was the end of our little game.” Hina sighed. Nobody talked for a while.
“I want...” Tegoshi began. But he stopped. He was trying to figure out how selfish his request was and how acceptable it was under these circumstances.
“Just say it Tesshi.” Koyama encouraged him.
“Yeah we are used to your selfish requests, no need to be afraid.” Yamapi said with a bitter smile.
“I want to spend the night at Ryo-chan’s place.”
“Eh?” News seemed to be confused. Eito looked at each other.
“It’s not a bad idea actually.” Said Ohkura.
Everyone looked at each other, maybe they had different reasons maybe their reasons were same but nobody asked the other why they wanted to share the night over at a deceased persons house. They only agreed to go
“Why don’t we get going then?” Yoko got up quietly and started to gather his things.

To be continued...

A.N: the Aprils Fool they are referring to is another story of mine. Nothing much, they just humiliated Ryo in front of... well I don’t want to spoil anything if someone is going to read it.
Bonkura – is Ohkura. Ryo once called him that. It’s a pun meaning how plain Ohkura is. I am not sure myself. If I am wrong feel free to correct me.
I started this yesterday night but suddenly I felt so empty, emotionless so I couldn’t continue. I hope it’s okay now. It was hard to write a memory with each member. So many characters. I hope I didn’t betray their true characters.
And I really can’t write short stories. Shame on me :p
Choosing the members was not easy so I wrote their name on a paper and pulled them out randomly. I was surprised with Maru when I pulled Massu out after I wrote the dialog between him and Ohkura. Lol to myself. This was so hard. 11 different stories 11 different characters. I hope they are not a copy of each other.
And I wonder what’s Ryo’s problem too. Can someone tell me what it is? I hope to find while I write. Ryo please lead me there.
This is an awfully long AN! Thank you for reading. Good or bad reviews welcomed. Feel free to write whatever you want.

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