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[FANFIC] Ryo, the Latchkey Boy, Chapter 2: Memories of The Dead - Part 2

Title: Ryo, the Latchkey Boy
Characters: Kanjani8, News, Various other JE boys.
Main Focus: Ryo
Summary: An unexpected event rips the hearts of Kanjani8 and News members. They are left to attend their wound while looking after one of their own.
(side note: this is NOT a death fic, even though it looks like it.)
Format: Multi-Chapter Story
Warnings: This is set during spring 2010 while News was still a six-member group and *obviously* Subaru was still in the band.
Here is the awfully long second chapter. Enjoy! I really hope you do.
Edited on 13.02.2019

Chapter 2: Memories of The Dead - Part 2

“It’s my turn.” Informed Tegoshi. A bitter smile spread over his delicate features. “Okay for my memory of Ryo-tan; he treated me with lunch...”

“Thank you Ryo-tan! I am so happy.” Tegoshi exclaimed cheerfully.
“You are really easy to please.” Ryo laughed. “Hey do you want to come over to Osaka again?”
“Can I?” Tegoshi asked with excited puppy eyes. “Can I really?”
Ryo laughed again. “Yes of course. that’s why I am asking, you idiot.”
Tegoshi grinned. “So can I eat your moms cooking again? It was delicious.”
“When are you going?”
“After the Music Station show. I might go the next morning. I am not sure yet.”
“Okay great! I am free for a few days, I will be there I promise. I really like your family, they treat me really, really nice. I feel so happy.”
“Is that why?” Ryo laughed. “Don’t you ever think about anyone else Tegoshi?”
“Nah.” Tegoshi filled his mouth with pudding. “Isn’t it bothersome to do so.”
Ryo laughed. “You sure are spoiled.”
A girl’s whisper reached them. “Hey, hey, aren’t they famous?”
Ryo choked on his juice. “Finish your pudding fast will you. I don’t want to see fangirls all over me right now.”
“Yes, yes, they are from News.” continued another girl.
“Are you sure?”
“But Ryo-chan loves girls, right?” Tegoshi teased with a huge grin on his face. “Besides as Johnny’s idols we should smile at them, not run away.”
Ryo rolled his eyes. “Yea, yea. You sure don’t know what you are talking about. Grow up soon will you Tesshi.” Ryo eyed the girls with the corner of his eyes; their numbers were increasing.
“Let’s go and ask for an autograph.” A girl nudged her friend.
“Faster babyface.” Ryo said impatiently to Tegoshi.
“Why does that sound like an insult coming out of your mouth.” Tegoshi pouted.
“Because it is.”
He heard the girls again and rushed to finish his pudding.
“Maybe we shouldn’t bother them. Tegoshi is cute...” the girls were saying.
Tegoshi grinned. “They are not going to bother us because I am cute Ryo-tan.”
“... but I don’t like Nishikido. He is so frightening.”
Tegoshi’s smile froze on his face.
“It’s not because you are cute idiot.” Ryo teased with a smile on his face, but Tegoshi saw Ryo was actually upset.
“Let’s go, I am finished.” said Tegoshi as he rose from his seat. Ryo didn’t say a word as he paid the bill and followed Tegoshi outside.
“I am sorry Ryo-chan, it was...”
“Don’t be bothered by it.” Ryo smiled at him calmly. Come to Osaka next week. My mother really loves having you around.

“Same thing happened with me too.”  Ohkura commented.
“Oh? What happened Tacchon?”
“Not his turn Yassu, wait for it.” Subaru calmed his band mate.
“It is sad how they see Ryo-chan.” Said Koyama.
“It can’t be helped, he acts that way.” commented Shige.
“So would you prefer him to change his attitude?” Yoko asked slowly.
Shige suddenly felt nervous. “No, no...” he mumbled something that no one, even Koyama who was next to him couldn’t hear.
“Please spin the pen Maruyama-kun” said Yamapi, saving his bandmate. They all watched the spinning pen silently. It slowed down and stopped pointing at Yassu.
“Me? Okay.” Yassu sat up.
“Why are you getting all worked up?” Yoko smacked his head.
“ouch, ouch, ouch, Yokoyama-kun!”
“Start your story already junior.” Said Yoko, not looking at him.
“Stop that act will you.” Now it was Subaru’s turn to smack Yoko’s head. “Sho-chan go on.” All Eito members were grinning already.

Yassu entered the empty dressing room. Well it seemed empty at first glance. He found Ryo sitting on the floor a second later. His bandmate was leaning his back on the couch, playing his guitar and taking some notes on the sheet in front of him.
“Great!” he yelled with excitement. “Yasuda Shota-sama!”
“I really love you for your excellent timing.”
Yassu looked at Ryo, the younger had all his hair messy. “You know you look like a child with your messy hair.”
“No way! Your lying right?” Ryo tried to combine his hair with one hand but then he got bored. “Whatever. Help me please.” He looked at the skilled guitarist with puppy eyes.
Yassu sighed. “Are you trying to steal the ‘cute’ title from me?”
“Are you an idiot? Unlike you I am very manly.” He threw a cool look towards Yassu “I can’t be cute. Now will you stop this stupid conversation and help me out.”
“Pfft.” Yassu let out a chuckle. “Okay what is it? I have a feeling that if you didn’t need my help you wouldn’t be this nice.”
“Of course not.” Ryo admitted. “Now listen, I think there is some kind of disconnection here.” Ryo started playing his guitar a bit while mumbling. Yassu listened a bit but got distracted looking at the sheet.
“These are nice lyrics.” He commented. He stared at one sheet after another.
“Hey! You terrible fashionista, listen carefully!”
“Ryo-chan?” Yassu lifted his gaze to Ryo’s. “Do you always write your songs for the one-night stands? Or do you write them to an imaginary lover in your head?”
“Am I that shallow idiot.” Ryo smacked Yassu’s head playfully. “Thinking again, I might be. Am I that shallow?” his voice changed to a serious tone this time.
Yassu looked worried. “Are you okay Ryo-chan? I was so worried about you after ‘last friends’ and there was that drawing of yours ‘life and death’.”
“Aren’t you worrying too much.” Ryo didn’t look up as he noted something down on the sheet. “I am not going to be affected because of a tiny thing like that.”
“But you seem to have some problems.”
Ryo looked up with calm eyes. “Doesn’t everybody have problems Yassu? Seriously, you are worrying way too much. There is nothing serious, so can you please help me out.”
“Ah, yes...” But Yassu still seemed anxious.
“Yassu...” Ryo’s tone was like a warning. “You’re getting on my nerves.”
“Sorry, Sorry.”

Maru was spinning the pen again and again.
“You don’t have to show how bored you are.” Yassu pouted.
“No I wasn’t bored. It’s sad that we don’t know what was bothering him.” Maru commented. “Because obviously something was if he was hiding it this well.”
“Hmm…” came Hina’s voice. All of them fell silent for a full minute.
Yoko sighed heavily, breaking the silence. “Let’s move to the next one.”
“Okay… Ah, It’s Subaru.”
Subaru straightened his back and looked up at the ceiling. “Okay. Let me think... let me think...”
“You should have thought about it already.” Hina complained.
“Okay.” Subaru clapped his hands. “I found one. The night before Music Station...”

Subaru was outside of Ryo’s door, knocking at the door endlessly.
“What is it? Oh, Subaru?” Ryo stared at him with sleepy eyes.
“Its 9 pm and you are sleeping already?” Subaru’s eyes widened. “Are you a chicken.” He walked past Ryo and went right to the living room.
“I guess I should quit going to Ohkura’s dads place.” Ryo yawned. “His sleepiness is contagious. What did you get me?” He looked at the bags Subaru was carrying.
“Something to eat and beer.”
“Great!” Ryo grinned. “Apology accepted.”
“I wasn’t apologizing silly.” Subaru smacked Ryo’s sleepy head.
“Well you should, waking me in the middle of my sweet dream.” Ryo scratched his heads and loomed over the bags. “Hmmm?” He began to search the bags but Subaru snatched them away.
“Not before the others come.”
“Others? Who else is coming?”
“Shingo and Takki.”
“Eh?” Ryo’s eyes widened. “You didn’t! He won’t stop complaining about the mess.” He threw himself on the couch. “Who invited you to begin with?”
Subaru grinned. “Being an elderly person, we don’t need your permission to come over. We invited ourselves.”
“Yeah. Elderly. How old were you? Sixty something?”
“Shut up. Yoko always complains about how awful you became. He has a point there.”
“Hey I didn’t do anything to him.” His stomach rumbled. “Can’t we stoke a bit?”
Subaru grinned from where her was looking through Ryo’s DVD collection. But since his back was turned to the other, of course Ryo didn’t see it. “Sure you can, but under one condition.”
“Why do I feel it’s going to be a hard one.” Ryo whined.
“No, why would it be? You lost some weight lately. I am here to help you to gain some.” Subaru proudly folded his arms in front of him and smiled down at his juniorç
“Right. Sure you are. I am having an ominous feeling about this whole situtaion. What is the condition?”
“If you are going to eat before them, you have to answer my questions.”
Ryo rolled his eyes. “What kind of questions are these?”
Subaru smiled at him sweetly. “Nothing much.” He took out a dish which was wrapped carefully. “You can eat if you don’t answer the question.”
“What is this?” Ryo smiled. “Knowing you, this is not going to be as easy as it sounds.”
Subaru unpacked the package, he placed it on the coffee table in front of Ryo, and handed two chopsticks to his bandmate.
“What is this?” Ryo leaned forward to examine the dish. Fried something. But he couldn’t figure out what.
“You have to promise to obey the rules.”
“Okay.” Ryo agreed absentmindedly.
“You have to eat if you choose not to answer and you can’t eat if you answer. The game lasts till Takki and Hina comes.”
“Ok, OK, I promise.”
“No backing out.”
“First question: which band do you prefer, News or Kanjani8?”
They both grinned at each other. Then Ryo took a piece and stuffed it in his mouth. But slowly his expression turned in to disgust.
“You have to swallow it, you promised.” Subaru grinned at him evilly.
Ryo scorned to the tiny man and swallowed his mouth. “You tricked me with fish! I can’t believe you! You! I hate fish you know that!” he held his stomach. “Ugh… I feel like throwing up.”
“No you don’t.” Subaru said chipper. “You have to continue, you promised. It’s your choice to eat fish or answer the questions.”
Ryo looked around. “They better hurry. Where is my phone?”
“No wasting time. Second question...”
Ryo grunted. “Give me a break will you.”
“Permission denied. Second question: do you have a death wish?”
“Of course not you idiot!” Ryo was taken aback. “Did you talk with Yassu?”
“I am the one who is asking questions here. Do you have some problems?”
Ryo threw a look to the fried fishes on the coffee table. “Yes I do.”
“Are they serious?”
“No of course not.” Ryo laughed.
“Then you can tell me about them.”
Ryo’s laughter died in an instant.
“What are they?” Subaru pressed.
Ryo stayed mute.
“Oi Nishikido if you are not going to answer then you have to eat.”
“Why are you torturing me with fish? I...” His eyes filled with tears. Subaru’s eyes widened with shock.
“Can’t we just wait silently?” Ryo turned his head away, hoping the tears would dry before dropping.
“No we can’t.” Subaru said in a low voice. “Maybe it is not right to ask for your personal problems. We don’t intrude in each other’s personal problems but-“
“You are right, we don’t.” Ryo cut off in a harsh tone. “Would you leave this matter alone?” He was now starring at the ceiling. His jaw was clenching.
“No, I can’t. I don’t know if we are considered friends but we do care about you a lot.”
Ryo suddenly reached for another piece of fried fish and filled it in his mouth, and grimaced with disgust. Subaru watched him with anxious eyes, but he didn’t say anything. At that exact moment they heard the knock on the door.

“My ‘memory’ was from the same night.” Was Hina’s comment.
“Thank you for showing how concerned you yourself are.” Said Subaru rolling his eyes.
“Saying that won’t change anything now will it.” Hina shot back.
The others seemed to be thoughtful before Yoko instructed Maru to continue.
Maru spinned the pen. “Yamashita. His turn is over idiot pen.” he spinned it again. It pointed at Shige this time.
“Okay. My memory is from last night.” Shige started.

Shige entered the dressing room reserved for their group. He wasn’t feeling very well but that was okay; food, medicine, a good sleep, he would be perfectly fine the next morning.
Tegoshi was singing while Massu was helping him with his hair. Koyama was eating and reading at the same time. Yamapi was listening to music, he was lost in his own world. At the other side of the room Ryo was lying on the couch. He was fully dressed and ready for stage but lying like that would probably make a mess of his clothes and hair. His eyes were closed but he was not sleeping, Shige could see that he frowned and then turned his eyebrows back to normal.
Usually at these kind of situation Shige wouldn’t bother the grouchy man but today he was tired too. He had his drama going on and seemed like he caught a flu.
“Nishikido-kun can you make some space for me too.” His voice was void of any emotion.
Ryo opened his eyes to see who was talking and rubbed one of them. He looked up at Shige waiting patiently at his side. For a second Ryo seemed like he couldn’t figure out who was the man in front of him. Then he got up. “Ah yes, Sorry.” He squeezed himself at the very edge of the couch.
Shige sat down quietly. This part of the room wasn’t very bright. All lights were near the mirrors. Maybe Ryo closed the lights on this part purposefully to rest.
The air around them was awkward as usual. Shige coughed. Ryo sighed.
“Are you okay?”
“Yup, thank you for asking Nishikido-kun.”
“You are way too formal Shige. I won’t bite I promise.” Ryo smiled weakly as he stared at the other side of the room, staring at nothing in particular.
“Stop apologizing. Are you sick?”
Shige nodded and turned to look at the other man. But when he realized Ryo wasn’t looking at him he answered his question vocally. “It seems like it.” He said.
“You should take a rest. Don’t push yourself much or it will become worse.”
“Speaking from personal experience.” Shige mocked him, a smile creeping up his face.
Ryo finally turned his gaze towards him. His famous dark orb-like eyes were full of emotions that Shige couldn’t place. But he was sure they weren’t very good. Despite that, Ryo managed to smile at Shige.
“So what?” He tried to sound energetic, Shige could tell that much.
“You should rest more.” Shige commented.
Ryo laughed. “I am not the sick one here.” He messed his styled hair more. “Whatever. After the show you should go rest before it turns out bad. And take care of yourself. Like eating properly.”
“I am eating quiet well.” Shige smirked. “I am the groups fatty right now actually. And you are nearly tinier then Tegoshi.”
“What!” Ryo looked at him in disbelief. “I am not! No way!”
Shige laughed to the turn of the events. “You are so loud. They are going to think I am bullying you Nishikido-kun.”
“You can stop with the formalities. We are bandmates after all.”
“Yeah right, I am worried about my safety you see.” Shige was chatting happily so he didn’t expect Ryo’s outburst.
“Why the hell does everyone thinks I am a scary guy? I didn’t kill anyone did I? Nor did I torture anyone. Oh sorry I did right? I tortured you with... what was it? Food. And...”
“What’s going on?” Koyama seemed worried. Tegoshi and Massu turned to see what was going on. Seeing the angry face of Ryo and the shocked one of Shige they wrongly deduced Ryo was bullying Shige again.
“Nishikido-kun, Don’t fight okay?” said Massu. “Shige probably didn’t mean it.”
Ryo got up. “Sorry for that.” He mumbled and he got out of the room in a hurry, slamming the door behind him. Yamapi raised his head at the sound. He unplugged one of his ears.
“What was that? Did something happen?”

“I am so ashamed.” Yamapi said. “I was spacing out and didn’t see Ryo’s bad state.
“Did you get better?” asked Koyama, concerned.
“Of course I did.” answered Shige. “I take care of my health carefully. I won’t push myself to my limits and collapse unlike a certain person.” He smiled bitterly. At the moment he would prefer a Nishikido at his limits rather than a dead Nishikido.
“Is it only me or is this getting worse?” asked Massu.
“It’s only you.” countered Ohkura. “Next one Maru.” He pointed at the pen for Maru to move the game forward.
“Next one is Masuda.” Informed Maru in surprise.
“Lighten the air then little man.” Said Ohkura.
Massu cleaned his throat. He looked around nervously.

-- End of Part 2 --

Part 3
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