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[FANFIC] Ryo, the Latchkey Boy - Chapter 1 (Ryo-Kanjani8 Fanfic)

Title: Ryo, the Latchkey Boy
Characters: Kanjani8, News, Various other JE boys.
Main Focus: Ryo
Summary: An unexpected event rips the hearts of Kanjani8 and News members. They are left to attend their wound while looking after one of their own.
(side note: this is NOT a death fic, even though it looks like it.)
Format: Multi-Chapter Story
Warnings: This is set during spring 2010 while News was still a six member group and *obviously* Subaru was still in the band.
Edited on 13.02.2019

Chapter 1: Death of a Superstar

“What do we have here?” asked the doctor to the paramedics who just jumped off the ambulance.
“Unknown male in mid-twenties… Unconscious. Two wounds on head, several injuries over his body, mainly on his back. Probable rib fracture… Blood pressure is low, probably lost too much blood. High fever due to infected wounds on head...”
A few other doctors and nurses helped the paramedics to lower stretcher with the unconscious man and rushed in to the ER.
“Any ID on him?” asked the doctor.
“Nope.” said the paramedic as he helped the nurses transfer the patient to the bed. “Probably robbed.”
“Call blood bank, get six packs of o negative.” yelled the first doctor as he entered one of the trauma rooms, getting a fresh pair of gloves on his hands. “Damn it, we need to know his exact blood type..”
“Blood pressure low.” informed one of the nurses, checking the monitors.
“I know, I know.” One doctor injected something to the man’s left arm, another hooked up an IV, and the nurses helped to gather the much needed tools and bandages.
“Six packs of o negative to trauma one.” One nurse called.
“Ok get me-“
“He is not breathing!” the same nurse yelled.
“Great! Get me a tube! Now!”

Two days ago

Two bands of Johnny’s entertainment was having a glare match on the parking lot of TV Asahi; two black vans, two bands and in the middle of them one man.
 News and Kanjani8 was not actually fond of each other at the moment. The managers also seemed troubled as they looked at each other, not knowing what to do.
“We said he is coming with us.” said Yamapi with a cold stare. Koyama was standing next to him, biting his lips.
“Oh, really? And we said he is not.” answered Subaru with the same coldness as Yamapi.
“And who do you think you are?” Yamapi’s voice raised an octave.
“The right question would be who do you think you are yourself.”
“Hey guys...” interrupted Ryo with a huge grin on his face. “There is enough Ryo for everyone.” He laughed, hoping to hide his nervousness behind a cheery façade.
Two bands turned to him at once. “Shut up Nishikido.”
Well, seemed like he was. “Aren’t you fighting over me here? Don’t I have any say in the matter-“
“He came with us and will be living with us too.”
Great they were ignoring him now. How childish could they be?
“He came with you guys, just like you said! So, that’s why he will be leaving with us!”
“We are going to have dinner tonight; there is no way we would let him leave with you.” Yamapi suddenly grabbed Ryo’s arm.
“Hey slow down Pi!” Ryo exclaimed in surprise. The rest of the News members seemed just as much surprised as he was. Massu’s mouth was wide open as he was watching everything over Shige’s shoulder. Tegoshi kept his mouth shut but his eyes were wide and concerned. Shige was biting his lips nervously and Koyama had a hand on Yamapi’s shoulder; though he wasn’t doing much to restrain their leader.
“Hey Yamashita-kun, isn’t that a bit-“
But Yoko cut Shige’s words.
“Oh you think you can do whatever you want?” he grabbed Ryo’s other arm. “And we too will be having dinner over Nishikido’s place.” The other members of Kanjani8 seemed as frustrated as Yoko was. Only two members seemed quite. Ohkura was watching them quietly, and Yassu had an extremely serious expression on his normally cheerful face.
Ryo looked up at Yoko. “We will?”
“Yes idiot. You promised remember!” Said Hina, delivering a smack at the younger’s head.
“I did? When?” Ryo rubbed his head.
“He promised us for dinner.” countered Koyama bravely. He seemed a bit scared to be talking in front of the older group but he still held his head high. Tegoshi nodded in confirmation.
“When did I?” Ryo turned to News this time. And he thought he was really careful with his promises. He didn’t remember ever promising them but he was sure they were not lying either.
Great, you idiot! How are you going to get out of this one?
“Seems like one of us is lying.” Subaru snarled at Yamapi in defiance.
“And we know who.” Yamapi said, returning Subaru’s glare.
Ryo could see Yamapi gritting his teeth. Something snapped inside him. “Stop it will you!” he yelled. “This is getting on my nerves! I didn’t promise any of you.” He looked at each of his bandmates. “None of you!” He freed himself from Yamapi and Yoko’s grip in one quick motion. “I am not going to a dinner I didn’t promise! I am not going to be dragged around as you please! I am going right back to my home.” Yoko and Subaru grinned at a hurt Yamapi. “And alone.” Ryo turned his gaze to those two who were grinning like crazy. “I don’t want anyone in my flat tonight. Understood?!”
“What’s with that act now?” Subaru crossed his arms on his chest. Ryo could see Subaru was getting annoyed to him now.
“I should be asking that. What’s with this childish act tonight? It’s really a shame to be with you guys.” Okay Ryo, you shouldn’t rub it in, he reminded himself. But he couldn’t stop himself. He was really pissed off of their treatment of him and each other.
“Ah great.” Yamapi mumbled and turned his back to enter the News van. “You guys coming?” he asked to the other News members and avoided looking at Ryo.
Ryo’s eyes grow wider as he remained silent. The message was clear.
All News members vanished inside the van one after the other without a word. Tegoshi threw one last look at Ryo’s face before he too entered the van and closed the door.
Kanjani8 members stared at Ryo for a good minute but didn’t say anything. Yoko and Subaru were the first to turn their backs to him and enter their van. The rest followed silently. Ohkura and Yassu seemed puzzled for a second but they too got on the van eventually.
The vans moved out of the parking lot one after the other, leaving Ryo all by himself in the empty space.
Ryo sighed. Now he had to catch a cab.
Both groups were acting foolish in his opinion, so he wasn’t going to back off and go apologize. They should apologize instead. That is, of course, after he returned from Osaka. Ryo had to go to Osaka to attend his older brother’s wedding. The eldest of the family was finally getting married too. Ryo wasn’t going to miss it, and definitely not over a stupid fight.


Next morning came with a bright and clear sky. It was a nice sunny day, promising of the upcoming summer. Hina opened his eyes lazily to the bright sunshine. He raised himself and looked out of the window. There were but a few cotton clouds that hang like decorations on the bright blue sky.
“Shingo-kun?” came a voice from the doorway. “Ah you are awake.” Takki entered the bedroom and chuckled at the other dishevelled hair. “Will you be kind enough to get out of my bed? The breakfast is ready.”
Hina yawned in response. “I’m not sure; your bed is really comfy. If it was Ohkura instead of me, I doubt he would get up, even for food.”
Takki laughed and left the room. Hina smiled at the vanishing back of his old friend and got on his feet. He was feeling unusually happy, although he wasn’t sure why.  He got up, washed his face and looked at the mirror smiling. He started to whistle as he dried his hands and moved towards the kitchen. Maybe he would meet up with Eito and do something today before the nights show. Ah without Ryo. That kid really. He sure knew how to get under all their skins.
Hina entered the room to find a poor table. He stopped on his tracks and frowned.
“Is this what you call ‘ready’?” he pouted.
Takki raised an amused eyebrow at him. “Maybe we should call Ohkura-kun?” suggested Takki as he turned the TV on. Takki always liked to watch something while eating.
“For preparing breakfast?” Hina asked as he settled next to Takki. He enjoyed to watch the news on his mornings too.
Takki nodded in response as he swapped through the channels.
“Nah,” Hina waved his hands “He would only help us finish the breakfast not prepare it.”
“Ah great, morning news.” Takki finally settled the remote down and started on his breakfast.
“Hey,” Hina started as he spread butter on his bread.
“Did you have work or something? If I am obstructing your work I can stay somewhere else.”
“Come on!” Takki said with a smile. “Of course not! If you would stay somewhere else I’d be really offended, you know.”
“Hmm... Thank you... But sometimes I think-”
“Don’t think too much, will you.”
Hina grinned back at his friend before returning his attention to the TV. There was some kind of a wreckage and many emergency responders running around.
“...We can’t see much from here. They say the fire is still on.” yelled a female reporter. “The cause is still unknown. And the research for the black box is still ongoing.”
“Is there any survivors?”
“What is this?” Asked Hina.
“Plane accident, apparently.” Takki shrugged. “My condolences for the souls that passed away.”
“Ah… That’s a terrible disaster…” he stared at the screen for another minute. “That reminds me, Ryo was going to fly to Osaka this morning, I should call him to see if he arrived already.” Hina made a move to get up.
“Didn’t you guys fight last night?” Takki averted his eyes to look at his friends. Always the papa bear, Takki was concerned for all ongoing disputes among his friends and juniors.
“Yeah but... that was... well it’s all Ryo’s fault.” Hina sat back down on his chair and averted his eyes back to the screen.
“...Of course, the research is still ongoing and we shouldn’t lose hope.” Said the women next to the wreckage, there were some movement behind her but it was hard to see due to the smoke now obstructing the view.
“But, there are no survivors at the moment?”
“Unfortunately, no.”
The screen turned to the studio. A reporter with a grim face stared at them. “For those who just joined us, there has been a plane accident. This morning’s 7.30 flight from Tokyo to Osaka...”
Hina nearly choked on his drink and coughed to cover it. Maybe he should call Ryo. Of course it was funny to think Ryo would be on that Plane. That would be a weird coincidence, right?
“The plane seemed alright when it took off from Tokyo – Haneda Airport. But it was caught in turbulence over Kashiwara and after half an hour of struggle, the pilots couldn’t save the plane. The only relief we have is that didn’t crash on any residential area... And now we are going back to Osaka; Yes Ishikawa?”
Both Hina and Takki was immersed into the news. They forgot their breakfast already.
“We just got the passenger list. I will be reading the names.”
“Hey when was Ryo-chan’s ride?” asked Takki, he was feeling uncomfortable about the whole situation.
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Hina let out a nervous chuckle. “Ryo’s flight was at eight I think. No way he was on that flight.” Please let him not be on that flight.
“...Sano Asami-san; Mimura Mai-san; Fukusawa Kaoru-san; Chii Hiroyuki-san; Nishikido Ryo-san; Daito Taisuke-San; Aikawa...”
“Did she just...” Hina gulped and glanced at Takki with wide eyes.
“I... she... Yeah...”
A uncomfortable silence fell between them. They both stared at the TV with blank eyes. Hina forced out a laugh. “Aprils fool? Ryo’s getting revenge?”
Takki turned to watch his friend nervously. He wasn’t feeling so well himself to be honest.
“Ah its past April one. That’s a late joke Ryo-chan.” Hina laughed once more. Then he suddenly stopped, getting more serious. “Of course that’s another Ryo-chan. I feel sorry for him and his family.”
Takki didn’t say a word as he got up and filled two glasses with water; one for himself, one for a shocked Murakami Shingo. Hina accepted the water without any comment and drank it all in one go. Right at that moment, his phone went off right away.
Hina forced himself up. He definitely didn’t want to answer that call. He already knew what it was about but hearing it would make it all too real. Hina wasn’t sure if he was ready for that. He hesitantly reached for his phone and looked at the caller ID: Shibutani Subaru.
“Yeah.” He answered in a low voice.
“Did you...” Subaru’s voice was hoarse. Hine heard him clear his throat. “Did you see the news?”
“ah... ehm... yes, what about it?”
“I got a call from the Jimusho.”
“Right... What are we going to do.” Hina’s voice was monotone.
“There is a meeting at ten… In the Jimusho...”
“...with News.”
“See you there?”
And they hang up. Neither of them cared about the others cold distant voice. They were both lost in their own thoughts.

All members of News, minus one, was asleep pretty loudly in their leaders flat. Yamapi and Tegoshi was on the bed as usual - sometime during the night, the little brat had found his way to the comfortable bed.- Massu got the couch, Koyama and Shige made their own beds on the living room floor with futons. The night before, Yamapi insisted to drink together at his place. Nobody dared to say no since their leader was extremely pissed off. And somehow they all ended up spending the night at his place.
It was quiet noisy. Everybody’s phone rang one after another, non-stop.
Shige throw his pillow in frustration. He had tried to shield himself from the noise with no avail.  “Okay, okay, I am coming.” He let out in a resigned voice. As he reached to the phone he cursed. “It’s ten thirty already? Damn it! Hello?”
Massu growled and turned his back at the commotion while Koyama starred at the ceiling. He was surely trying to wake up. But although his eyes were open, his mind seemed to be refusing to wake up.
“Kato-san, finally.” It was their manager.
“Sorry, I was asleep, what is it.” Shige rubbed his head. As far as he remembered, there was nothing scheduled for them in the morning.
“There is...” the man at the other side of the line sighed. “...an urgent group meeting.”
Yamapi entered the room yawning. He scratched his hair while looking all over the place displeased.
“For what?” Shige started to search for his belongings. Where was his keys? where did he throw his jeans at?
“Its... do you know where the others are?”
That was weird. The manager was trying to delay. But delaying what, Shige was unsure. “Ah yes, they are here, we are all at Yamashita-kun’s place.”
“I told you to stop calling me like that.” added Yamapi with a smile. He went off to check his own phone.
“Thats great...” the manager really sounded nervous. “Did you guys watch the news today?”
“Nah, we just got up.”
“Wow!” yamapi said. “Twenty missed calls? I wonder what was so urgent. There wasn’t anything this morning right?” he looked around at the other members.
“Just got up? Good... No not really...”
Massu shrugged at Yamapi as Tegoshi too entered the room “It’s so noisy! I wanted to sleep more!”
“Can you say what’s the terrible news already!” Shige let out impatiently. The manager was getting on his nerves.
“Terrible news? Did something happen?” Koyama asked as he got near to Shige.
Tegoshi looked around. “Well the only one who is not here is Ryo-tan.” They all looked at Tegoshi then looked at the missed calls on their phones.
The manager was still silent.
Shige swallowed down his fear and asked in a hesitant voice “Is it about Nishikido-kun.”
Everybody got near Shige as Shige himself sat on a chair and sighed.
“I see... Did he... I wonder... did he quit the band or something?”
“What? What are you talking about?!” The manager was so surprised. He clearly didn’t expect this.
Yamapi sat on the couch with a long face. “That bastard... how dare he...”
“It’s not like that.” The manager took a deep breath. “I am really not good at these kind of things... You see...” he sighed once more. “This morning there was a plane accident.”
“A what?!” Shige raised his eyes at Koyama. “You can’t be serious!”
“What is it Shige?”
“A plane accident he says.” Shige said with his mouth wide open.
“He says what!” Yamapi grabbed the phone harshly, startling his bandmate. “What the hell are you talking about!”
Koyama put a hand on Yamapi’s shoulder and tried to calm him down. As the others attention was on the phone, Massu reached for the control device and turned on the TV.
“I am sorry Yamashita-kun, but it is the truth.”
“Was... he... on the plane?”
“Are you sure!” Yamapi hid his face with his free hand. “Are you sure it’s him?” his voice softened. “It can’t be him…”
“His name is on the passenger list-”
“It doesn’t matter if his name is on that damn thing-“
“Yamapi calm down.” Koyama was on edge as well, but he tried his best to stay strong for the groups sake.
“It’s confirmed that it is him, not any other Nishikido Ryo who was traveling to Osaka.”
“Did...” Yamapi bit his lips. “...they found him?”
“The body is not found yet. But as the records say, he did check in for the plane.”
“The what?” Yamapi was now whispering. Tegoshi bit his lips, this was not good! No, definitely not!
“The body... No survivors, I am sorry.”
“Aaa!” Massu cried as they all jumped in surprise. On the TV they were showing the front doors of Jimusho as one of the reporters were talking. Massu cranked up the volume.
“It’s not officially confirmed yet. But the fans are already gathered in front of Miyamasu Tower. Kanjani8, one of the bands Nishikido-san was in, arrived an hour ago and they are still in. We don’t know what’s going on but, according to the witnesses, Nishikido-san was not with them.”
“And the meaning is...” started Tegoshi.
“Ryo was on that plane.” finished Koyama.
“And after? What happened to him?” Massu asked. “What about the search and rescue?”
“He is dead.” They all turned to Yamapi who was like a cold statue. “No survivors. So they assume he is dead, even though they didn’t find his body. Just because his damn name was on a damn list!” Yamapi’s voice was getting higher and higher by each second. He hid his face with his hands and started to weep.
Tegoshi, who was standing between the couch and Yamapi’s bedroom door felt the strength from his legs leaving him. He let his body lower on the floor and looked up to the TV with blank eyes.
“We have to go to Jimusho.” said Yamapi quietly. “There seems to be a meeting… And Kanjani8 is waiting for us, like an hour.”
Neither of them talked as they dressed up, washed their face and rushed out of the building. They kept silent throughout the way and didn’t say anything to the other band as they entered the room Eito was waiting in. All News members squeezed in on a couch and starred at the floor. The older guys all stared at them. News really seemed very pitiful.
“Any word from the Jimusho?” Yamapi let out in an extremely low voice.
Hina looked at him with dead eyes. “Don’t say anything. Don’t show your faces. Stay put.”
“That’s not exactly…” Yassu started to object.
“That’s what they meant, in a nutshell.” Hina shrugged.
Subaru turned his attention to Yoko, who was playing a game. He sure was very seriously into it. Subaru usually hated how Yoko seemed off in serious times. But right now he didn’t care, hell he would have loved to have a distraction, an escape like that right this moment. “What are you playing Yokocho?” he asked with a kind voice.
“Hm?” Yoko looked up. He was expecting Subaru to yell at him or punch him, basically getting angry at him. “I was just trying to get past of Ryo’s last record. The other day he beat me up, surprisingly.”
“Thats because you were not playing that time.” Maru pointed out. “No way he could really beat you.”
“Still, that’s a challange.” answered Yoko. “I am not letting him go that easily. Who is he to beat me right?” he grinned evilly like a child.
“That idiot.” Subaru laughed. “He is always like that, when he wins he runs off so nobody can beat him.”
“That’s not very stupid.” said Ohkura as he smiled too.
“No of course not.” said Hina. “It’s just childish.”
“Yeah. He is a spoiled child. We spoiled him too much.” Yoko chuckled.
“And how he ditched us last night. That was another example of his spoiled bratty self.”
“It’s our fault you know.” Subaru grinned. “We spoiled him way too much.” He copied Yoko.
“If he was not dead already I would’ve strangled him the moment he came back from Osaka.”
They all laughed as News watched them with disbelief. Kanjani8 members didn’t notice, or didn’t care. They had started laughing a while ago and couldn’t bring themselves to stop.
“You remember...” Yoko tried to talk while laughing. “... when... when I said... he was not allowed in to Kanjani8 dressing room... he....”
“He really believed it.” finished Maru for him hitting his knee amusedly. They were extremely loud now. Yassu was holding his stomach and Ohkura was on his back, rolling from one side to the other.
“And he begged... he begged... to me...” Yassu continued the memory.
“What’s with them?” Shige frowned.  Tegoshi seemed angry as well watching Eito crack up.
“Ne, ne, do you remember when he stole just a piece from Ohkura’s lunch?” asked Subaru in between his chuckles.
“Oh!” Ohkura laughed. “I was nearly killing him. And all he said was I happened to be so fat to eat more.”
“That’s our Dokkun!”
“Suits... him well...” said Hina as he punched the wall.
“Ah and... when he was... playing my guitar...” Yassu was on the floor next to Ohkura now.
“Ah right... you were teaching... him...”
“Yeah...” Yassu tried to catch a breath as he laughed more and more. He couldn’t seem to stop. “He broke... one of... the strings.”
Apart from Yamapi, who was like a plastic mannequin sitting on the couch, all News members seemed to be ready to pick a fight with Eito. Massu was eyeing them with anger as Koyama glared at every direction.
“And... Oh it so funny... how he was... looking at me... with puppy eyes.”
“You seemed... like... you would’ve kill him...”
“Yeah I would... if... if Shin-chan didn’t... smack him on the head.”
Subaru joined the two on the floor, his foot up on the side of the couch. “Ah I laughed so much.” They all went silent for a second. Subaru giggled, and they started to giggle.
“Its really funny how he got himself killed!”
“That idiot, like running away would save him from our wrath!”
Once again they started to laugh, more and more by each second.
Yoko stopped abruptly. “That idiot has to learn how to play, I didn’t teach him everything yet.” He smiled. His hands were resting on his Gameboy.
“Ah right, I promised to show him some tricks I just learned with my guitar.” Yassu giggled.
“And I promised to smack him hard if he stole my food again.” said Ohkura. Now he was lying on the couch all by himself. His hands were on his stomach. “You know, he actually stole two pieces from my bento last night; looking dead into my eyes while eating them.” He giggled suddenly and stopped. And giggled once more.
“What a traitor.” said Yoko. tears fell down from his eyes while he was still smiling.
Subaru bit his lips looking up at the ceiling.
Ohkura covered his eyes with one hand and shut his mouth.
Maru was wiping the tears away while smiling like an idiot where he was leaning next to the wall.
Yassu wrapped his arms around his legs as he hid his face.
And Hina was looking at the ground. Nobody saw his face but his shoulders were shaking slightly.
The sudden silence was so heavy. Even the angry News members began felt their eyes watering up as they turned their heads.

To be Continued...

A.N: I don’t know anything about Japans traveling system, nor do I know the traveling routes. I just googled them. And as I don’t know anything about Japan I used a random place from google earth for where the plane crashed. For the medical info, I don’t know anything about them either :D just watched a bit of ER.  Please forgive me for my poor knowledge. And of course for my poor English, as I mentioned before English is not my first language :/
The title; Ryo the latchkey boy; is coming from a phrase ‘latchkey child’
This is my first multi-chap attempt. Please be easy on me :p no don’t just kidding. I don’t like to write multi-chapters coz I like to change tiny details or some events to continue the story line.
For this one I don’t have one or you can say I am not sure – storyline I mean. I might finish it when they find Ryo, I might not.

Next Chapter: Memories of The Dead

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