October 9th, 2010


Ryo The Latchkey Boy, Chapter8: Unexpected Events

Chapter 8: Unexpected Events


One of its reagents is time; which everybody thought there was plenty. That was before the manager dropped by.

It was after Ryo’s important bath session. Ryo came out wrapped in towels from head to toe. He had an innocent look on his face, which was very deceptive after the battle he caused in the room behind him.

“Oh.” Hina looked at him from the couch. He and Yoko were the only ones who stood in the safety zone. All the others insisted to help Ryo.

Now they were coming out the bathroom wrapped in soaked clothes from head to toe.

“What did you do Dokkun?” Yoko laughed after eying the others. Ohkura wasn’t there, he was probably cleaning up.

“He thought that water might be something to wrestle.” A very tired and ill-natured Subaru was the one who answered Yoko.

“Eh?” Shingo scratched his cheek with the remote device in his left hand.

“I didn’t do anything…” Ryo mumbled. His face was hidden under the towel but his body language was the proof of how embarrassed he was; shoulders low, feet dragging on the floor, hands pulling on the sleeves.

“You see, he really was very hyper in there.” Subaru continued, pointing back at the bathroom. “And he was very generous to let us in too.”

“I’m sorry…” Ryo mumbled again. He continued his journey to his bedroom.

“Aaah…” Yoko sing sang in a low voice. “He is embarrassed.”

“Oi! You guys!” Hina got up after Ryo closed the door behind him.

“Murakami-kun…” Yassu started.

“Don’t you try the polite act now!”

“Oi Shin-chan! No need for your famous b-gatan.” Maru smiled. “Two hours in the bathroom really was tiring. Not that I’m complaining about it.”

“It doesn’t seem like that from here! He is sick and all you’re doing is complaining.”

“All we’re doing?!” Subaru snapped. “What are you doing Murakami?” The short vocalist took a few steps forward.

“What do You mean!” Shingo took a few steps forward too.

“Oi guys.” Yoko tried to cut in.

“That’s what I’m asking!” Subaru gritted his teeth.

“What do you mean!” Hina pushed Subaru as he demanded an answer. “Oi. Oi!”

Subaru pushed him back. But before they started an actual fight – a fist fight the others pulled them back; Yassu pulled Subaru, Yoko hold Hina still, and Maru stood between them.

“Are you two gone mad?”

“He isn’t doing anything! All he knows to do is how to watch soccer games!” Subaru yelled.

“Oi calm down. There’s no need to yell.” Maru desperately tried to calm the down, very ineffective though.

“Oh really? What about you? Acting like a mother all of a sudden. You can’t complain cause that I  don’t have the same instincts as you-“

“You-“ cut out the Subaru. He tried to reach Hina but failed, thanks to a certain guitarist who was holding him tightly.

“Leave!” a deep, calm voice suddenly silenced the room. Ryo, still half naked and wet haired, was standing in front of his room.

It was so silent that they could hear the neighbours next door.

Maru felt Ryo’s disappointment in himself, which made his heart break. After everything they said to Ryo… this shouldn’t be the result…

Ryo bent his head to the front door. “Get out. I don’t want any of you here tonight.”

“Ryo… we were…”

“Leave I said!” Ryo yelled. “I don’t want to hear it! Get out!”

Subaru bit his lips. “It was only…” he began but the doorbell interrupted him.

“I’ll get that.” Ohkura just got out from the bathroom. “Ryo dress properly. With only boxers on you’ll catch a cold.”

Ryo didn’t say anything, nor did he react when Ohkura pushed him in to the bedroom while passing.

“Good night Ohkura-kun.” I didn’t knew you were here too.” It was their manager. Very chubby and tired as always.

“Oh. Good night manager-san.” Ohkura  greeted. The shorter man entered the flat and looked around.

“So everyone is here. Its good actually.”

Subaru and Hina glanced at each other.

“Is there a problem?” the vocalist asked.

“Actually yes.” Manager answered directly, causing the others to widen their eyes. “The problem is Johnny-san wants Nishikido-kun back on track-”

“What?” Subaru’s voice was filled with anger. A fire lightened up in his eyes, a reminding of his old rebellious years.

“Doesn’t he know Ryo is sick?” Shingo said. His limit was full but he tried to stay calm, for a while at least. “Doesn’t he know Ryo has serious problems?” Ryo flinched uncomfortably; as if they were talking behind his back – as a matter of fact they did. He leaned on the door frame to listen the rest. At least he had a shirt on now.

“Doesn’t he know…” Hina continued not noticing anything. “… Ryo doesn’t have any idea of any songs or dance steps?”

“He does.” The manager sighed and swept away a sweat tear rolling down from his forehead. “He knows of course. Why don’t we sit down? Eh? What happened to you guys?”

“Nevermind that.” Yoko waved his hand as if he was trying to chase a bug.

“Whatever. Nishikido-kun has to be on stage in two weeks.” Truth be told, that night the manager was so blunt, so blunt that it nearly broke their heart.

“Are you crazy?” Ohkura’s cold anger was building up.

“Two weeks.” Hina mumbled. “Isn’t it Music Station again?” the way he articulated it reminded them something they had forgotten. Shivers went down their spines; stomach’s twisting.

“Is it?” Maru asked slowly. “I thought it was cancelled.

“No. johnny-san wants you on that show that day.”

“But it’s a live show.” Yassu stated. He walked close to the couch. “We can’t cover anything. No cutting, no editing; everything might be revealed.

“I know. But I can’t do anything about it.” The chubby man wiped his forehead again. He sure did sweat a lot.

“You can actually!” Subaru cut in angrily.

“How exactly?”

“Like grabbing your ass and heading off to the Jimusho, talking to the almighty Johnny!”

“Subaru!” Maru put a hand on his rebellious band mate.

The manager, however, didn’t care about Subaru’s rudeness. “I did try to, following wxactly the steps you suggested. But you see, he thinks that Nishikido might never gain his memories back, he might never recover from amnesia. So for him there’s two options; to give up on Nishikido-“

“You mean kick him out of Jimusho!” Hina crossed his arms, if he didn’t he might end up punching a certain somebody; even though he knew the one deserved the punch wasn’t the guy infront of him.

“-or adjust to the situation as fast as possible. He is trying to minimize his loss.”

“Minimize-the-loss…” Subaru mumbled. “After all he only saw as puppies who make money. If one of the puppies can’t make any profit anymore it’s time to shoot it.”

“That’s not surprising.” Ryo welcomed Subaru’s harsh words with calmness. “It’s business.”

“You were here?” Yassu turned to look at him.

“Dokkun you’re cold.” Yoko complained. “We are talking about your life here.”

“My life doesn’t make any sense to me.” The other answered.

“That’s why…” Ohkura started.

“Oh please don’t start with that crap again.” Ryo snapped at the drummer. “I had enough of that. I guess this Johnny wants me out since I don’t remember anything.”

“Idiot.” Shingo clenched his fist. “You think we will let you out that easily?”

“No man. You are going to continue till you have your memories back. After then you can decide whatever you want. I am not going to step aside and watch you throw your years of hard work away!”

Ryo glared at Subaru. “What is I don’t have my memories back?”

“Come on-“

“Don’t dodge the question!” his voice was raising with anger.

“The tension is really high here.” The manager stated. “What was I expecting anyway?...” tha manager stood up to leave. “Nishikido-kun you’re probably very tired, your face says so. Let’s take a rest and talk about the details tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Ryo quickly agreed, by everyone’s surprise. “Just get everyone out of here.”



“Come on.”

“I want to be alone.” Ryo ignored the others, as if they didn’t exist, and looked directly in the eyes of the manager. “One more thing, give me the songs we are going to sing, the recordings and brief history of the show.”

The manager couldn’t help but smile. “As expected from a workaholic like you, your geared up again. I admire this side of you Nishikido-kun.”

Ryo bit his lower lip. “Thank you.” he mumbled.

“So.” The chubby man turned his attention to the others. “First we need to rest. Everyone to their own places. Let’s go guys.”


“Nishikido needs his own break.” The manager started to push them all in front of him. “You guys must be tired too. Everyone gets a break from everything tonight.”

Even though they didn’t admit it they liked the idea of a break from everything. Did they push themselves so hard?

Yassu turned to look at Ryo. It was odd; in the dusk of the room Ryo almost seemed like crying.

Ryo was not crying; that didn’t mean he felt like it though. After the door closed behind his band mates he left out his breath. His lungs welcomed the fresh air with desire.

His mind was locked on one scene; where Hina and Subaru were yelling at each other. One tall figure, one smaller figure, yelling at each other with such anger, hatred.  And the reason was him.

Guilt was building inside him, which made him angrier, towards his band mates especially. He didn’t ask them for help. Well except for the bath incident. But that incident was the trigger.

Ryo didn’t like the drowning feeling and the guilt; no man would like. So he choose the easier, and the wrong path; he ignored the feeling and turned on the television. Soon enough he was lost in a exciting action movie.

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