March 12th, 2010


Eito Stalkers (Kanjani8 - Ryo fanfic) Part 1

Hello again. I just wrote something. its about Ryo and kanjani8 again. but I have to warn you it is not touching like the other one. its just... dunno... stupid. again english is not my first language so please feel free to correct me.
thank you everyone who commented the other story, I hope you will enjoy this too, although the first one was better.

Part 1:


                Eito Stalkers

“Hello everyone.” Whispered Maru to the camera.  He and the rest of Eito was in front of the set Ryo was filming. Ohkura was in charge of the camera.

“We are here to give Dokkun a shock.” Said Yoko chuckling.

“Be quiet.” Subaru smacked Yoko’s head. “They are filming right now.”

They all went silent as they listened. Someone, probably the director, was yelling. At Ryo. “Thats not it Nishikido. Thats not I am looking for.”

“Why? We did it this way before and you were okay with it. The difference is only the costume I am wearing.”

“Are you sure about that?” The director sound angry.


“Well I am the director. You have to do as I say.”

“We are doing the same scene till yesterday!”

“That can’t be helped; you are quiet terrible.”

“Wha- Why is the director bullying Ryo. Only Eito can bully him!”

“Oh thank you.” Ryo answered the director.

“Midori is right. So we are here to save him.” Subaru turned to the camera. “Today Eito Rangers, disguised as normal humans, will show his care towards yellow.”

“Well said red.”

“Thank you black.”

“You two are getting over confident.”

“Shut up green.”

“Whatever,” Yassu jumped in front of the camera. “As we showed the fans ‘inner Ryo-chan’ lately they started to think ‘Eito is mean’ ‘They are harsh’.”

“We are not!”

“Absouletly not!”

“That hurt us.”

Hina put an arm around Yassu’s shoulders. “So we decided to show the ‘inner Eito-chan’.”

“With stalking Ryo-chan.”

“We just can’t get enough of him.”

They all laughed to Subaru’s comment.



“Quiet guys!”

“We were wondering why yellow was so tired all this time...”

“Nishikido thats not the right way-“ came the directors voice above the wall infront of them.

“...looks like we have our answer.”

“That’s the way you showed it to me. You wanted it-“

“Obviously I don’t want it to be like that right now.”

“What are we going to do?” Yassu asked.

“Lets storm in and yell at them?” Maru suggested.

“No no. We can’t do that orange.”

“Then what?”

“I think we should watch and see why are they yelling at Ryo-chan first.”

“Well said nasu.”

“Nasu is smart.”

“Ah really?”

“Nasu is getting arrogant.”

“Over hear.” Pointed Yoko. “You can see the scene clearly.”

One by one they sneaked where Yoko was standing.

“Good work black. Its a blank spot.” They all peeked in. Ohkura lifted the camera to film what was going on.

Ryo was in casual clothes, holding a katana*.

“Look look, he is in his ranger colours too.”

Eito was dressed up in their ranger colours, although they were wearing casual clothes.

“Yellow has Eito in his heart wherever he goes.”

“Shush wil you!”

They were filming an action scene. Ryo was fighting against some delinquets to protect a woman. The woman behind him was watching Ryo with passionate eyes.

“And action! Three, two, ...”

Ryo spinned his katana, which was still in its saya*. The delinquts seemed to back of a bit but then they attacked him with bats. Ryo spinned his katana and bent a bit with a serious expression on his face. But he had to back down as his opponent attacked again. The woman screamed.

“Cool.” Whispered Yoko.


“What I was just whispering. They can not hear us. Besides Ryo doesn’t seem to make a mistake.”


They all seemed suprised as they turned their attention back to the scene in front of them. Ryo was trying to hided his anger as he head towards to the director.

“What is it this time?”

“As I told you Nishikido you’re handling-“

“I am doing it right! Why don’t we ask Saburo sensei?”

“Subaru is Ryo’s teacher?!”

“He said Saburo idiot.”

“Hey stop killing my brain cells.”

“Will you guys quiet down a bit. The teacher they mentioned came.”

Ryo, the director and a man was watching the tape.

“Isn’t it the way you thought me?”

“Its okay.”


“He said okay Nishikido, not excellent. We need excellent movements for this movie.”

“The director seems to bully Dokkun.” Yoko informed the camera.

“Looks like he bullies him a lot.” Said Yassu.


“Blue Quiet.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Whispered Yassu.

“Ah they gave a break.”

“One hour, lunch break.”

Ryo was sitting on a corner to re-read the script. As the director wasn’t very clear about what he wanted Ryo tried to find the answers in the script. But as he heard the ‘lunch’ word he got up. He sure loved to eat, especially when he was stressed like this.

“I want to eat too.”

“Tacchon, its not really the right time.”

“But I am hungry!”

“Are you going to abondon Ryo-chan?”


“Today in ‘Inner Eito-chan’ Midori Ranger just choose food over yellow.”

“Hey! I didn’t, Yoko shut up.” Said ohkura as he smacked his head. “Actually I was watching him all along. The director is ignoring him.”

“Is that so?” Hina turned around. Ryo was asking something to the director at the moment. But the other man just nodded his head in dissagreement before turning his attention to the woman next to him. If looks could kill Ryo would be a murderer in a second. He didn’t know actually the director could be a murderer less than a second; glaring back at him after turning his back.

“Woow! Look at that!” Subaru said.

“What’s with him?” everyone seemed confused.

“Such hatefull eyes.”

“Is he affected by Ryo’s poison tongue?”

“Ryo-chan won’t use his special ability on a complete stranger like him.”

“Even if he did, we just have to send him a copy of last nights show.”

“We really have to find out why he hates Dokkun so much!”

“Black is so in to it.”

“Probably to avoid the promised painfull death.”

“Shut up will you! I am concerend about yellow here, not myself! Hmph!”

“Black is putting on an act.”

“He is really in to it.”

“Ah Ryo is so close. Be quiet or he’ll notice us.”

“And probably kill us.”

“He didn’t kill us this morning.”

“Ah thats probably ‘cause he was late.”

Ryo sat on a chair so close to them as they mute. One of the staff gave him a lunch box.

“Ah. Thank you.” Ryo smiled a bit and then sighed as he continued to read.

“Looking from this close, his face is pretty swollen.”

“His eyes are all puffy.”

“Maybe thats why the director is not satisfied.”

Yassu tried to get a bit closer for a clear vision but the others pulled him back immediatly. “Where are you going idiot!”

“Sorry. But I can’t see him that clear.”

“You know, I don’t think his puffy eyes are the problem.”

“Common Subaru, you are just trying to avoid the guilt.”

“Just because we made him cry?”

“Yeah something like that.”

“Hey its not my fault that he is such a crybaby.”

“Are you still mad at him?”

“Nah, I like to tease him even if he can’t hear it.”

“Shush will you! That woman is now with Dokkun, they are talking but thanks to you I can’t hear anything.”

“Even with those puffy eyes he still attracts woman. I am jelous.”

“Maru-chan likes the woman too?”

“Isn’t she pretty?”

“Well, she has her eyes on Ryo-chan. Look look!”

She was now leaning forward to whisper something to Ryo’s ear. Ryo startled and got up.

“Is Ryo ignoring her?”

Ohkura shrugged “Probably he is all shy again.”

“Maybe she is the reason why director is so mad at Ryo? Maybe he is after her too?”

“Yassu I don’t think the director would act so immature.”

“But he is a man too.”

“What makes you think that way?”

“Its just a instinct.”

“Its his womanly instinct.”

They all, including Yassu, covered their mouth, trying not to laugh.

“We are all dirty old men after all.”

“Look! Ryo is heading towards the dressing room.”

“Eito will follow.”

“How? We just can’t jump in to the stage and pass it.”

“Nasu is right.”

“Lets find another way then.” Said Maru.

“Okay lets pull back.”

They quietly exited the studio the way they entered and tried to find a way to Ryo’s dressing room.

“Ah thats not the right way.”

“Turn around! Turn around! Staff ahead!”

“Black this way.”

“Nasu can’t you just wait a bit.”

As they lost their way and fall in to desperation they heard a woman talking. The voice was getting closer.

“Quickly cover!”

Thankfully it was all messy so they found a shadowy hide place. Well they were seperated, six people couldn’t hide in a place. What a shame!

“...Nishikido-kun seems to be down.” The woman said.

Eito looked at each other.

“Thats none of your buisness. Its his own problem.” That was the director.

Yasu , who was hiding with Ohkura, turned to the camera. “The mystery is about to be solved.”

“Please dear. Why are you doing this? The movie is going to be a disaster!”

Yoko moved his mouth, imitating her soundlessly.,‘dear’?

Yassu grined.

“As I told you before it is not my fault. He doesn’t have any talent at all.”

“Thats not true!”

“Ofcourse not idiot.” Whispered Subaru.


“he won prizes. Three or four awards for best actor or supporting actor.”

“That emotionless freak?”

“I really can’t understand you anymore dear. Emotionless? Thats pretty funny. Do you know he cried with all his might last night, in front of 55.000 people. 55.000 people.”

“Go for it girl!” Whispered Maru quietly.

Suddenly the director stopped. He was so close to Subaru and Yoko. The others pointed them not to make a noise. Seemed like they were even holding their breaths.

“Now you are checking him online?”

“Whats wrong with that?”

“Whats wrong?”

“He is my coworker, I just wanted to know him. To be more comfortable around him.”

“What do you take me of? I am not that dumb. I can see what’s going on between you two!”

“Theres no need to be jelous. After all we are bind together remember.” She hold her hand out and pointed her ring.

“So that means you can cheat?”


“Usually that means you ‘can not’ cheat.”

“I am not usual. I told you when you propossed to me.”

The man looked to the woman. His eyes were full of dissapointment. “No you are quite ususal. Doing what an heartless actress would do. Cheating on your husband – not to mention two child, trying to seduce young idols, carring only about your apparence.”

“Thats too harsh! I-I...”

Eito sighed. Looked like they were stuck here for a while.

To be continued 
(I just forget to say this)


*A/N: Katana is a samurai sword and Saya is its sheath.




Eito Stalkers (Kanjani8 - Ryo fanfic) Part 2

Eito Stalkers Part 2

While Eito was stuck with a boring fight Ryo was in the dressing room, trying to calm down. Today was tough. He really didn’t know what to do. Killing the director was very tempting. He was tired already. Especially his eyes. Thank you Eito!

He checked himself on the mirror as he hoped the makeup was enough to cover it.

The interesting thing was even Ryo was so angry at them, he didn’t really think of revenge. He had an idea why; probably it was so embaracing to think about that incident and everything attached to it.

Funny. Now he did start to think about it.

55.000 people! Not to mention the cameras.

 Ah, and it didn’t end there. No they had to came all the way to his flat. He was so tired to deny; well to tell the truth he was so tired to walk. So he was actually glad they helped him to get back to his flat. Ofcourse he didn’t tell them that. He let them freak out while he was sleeping. And that morning... he was late, how could he say something.

He should do something. He should freak them out.

He looked at the script in his hands. He should be working now, not plotting revenge. He got up and grabbed the katana. He started to practice his movements. Was his expression so soft? Maybe he should look angrier. He spinned the sword.

No no maybe he should look he was in pain. Or maybe confused? He was trying everything since yesterday. He looked at the mirror again, was he really emotionless?

He swing the katana again. Maybe he was really doing it wrong. He looked at his hands, he changed his movements as looking at the mirror. Changed how he was grabbing the sword or spinning it. As he tried many things he was still not sure where did he made mistake.

How could he continue if he didn’t know what was wrong? He went to his bag, to check his cellphone. There was four text messages from his bandmates in News. They all agreed to come to the concert last night but none of them did. They were going to hang out together after.

Ryo checked the first one. Koyama ofcourse. And full of emotications.

‘Sorry Sorry Ryo-chan, I was really going to come. But I got the date mixed. Please forgive me. I’ll make it up to you. I promise! My treat! What about disneyland? We never went together right? Good luck on your movie. Don’t overwork yourself again, take care of your health.’

“Idiot.” He mumbled as he smiled bitterly. He checked the second one. Tegoshi.

‘Ryo-chan. I am sorry, couldn’t find any ticket, they were all sold out. So I went out with some of my friends. Sorry. Lets meet tonigh to make up? I’ll be waiting your reply.’

As expected. Tegoshi was selfish as always.

The third was from Shige. “I am truly sorry. Tegoshi an I went to buy the tickets but they were sold out. I should have bought them earlier. I tried to contact you afterwards but Murakami-kun said you were so drained and was sleeping. Don’t overwork yourself again. Lets go out when you have free time.”

And Massu.

“I know you are not gonna believe it but I had some buisness  yesterday and missed the last train to Tokyo. I couldn’t make it. I hope you enjoyed your night. Lets go out and eat one day, when you are free. Lets eat alot!”

They were truly idiots.

They made a promise, to meet after the Kanjani8 concert and spend time together. It was Yamapis idea, but he was the first one to back off. They were so busy that they couldn’t see each other for ages. Looks like it will be take some more ages before they could meet.

But ryo was not sad actually. Yesterdays incident with Eito made his heart warm. What the hell? Being himuliated makes you happy?

He startled as his phone rang. He was so startled that he didn’t check the caller ID.


“What are you doing Ryo-chan?”

“Takizawa-kun.” Ryo was suprised.

“Ah again.” Tackey sighed. “Call me Tackey or...” he chuckled. “... I’ll imitiate your lovely bandmates.”

“You can’t.”

“Just try me.” Tackey was clearly laughing.

“I really don’t know how Pi got to endure you.” Ryo sat on the couch comfortablely. “What do you want ‘Tackey’kun?”

“No ‘-kun’ either.”

“What do you want?” Ryo could imagine how Tackey was having fun. That guy is never going to grow up.

“Acting all mature again. Don’t underestimate your seniors.”

“I am not-“

“We are dinning out tonight.”

As always, Tackey was making plans on his own.

“Wasn’t I suppose to call you?”

“That is past time now. You did call me once, to invite out.”

Ryo sighed. “Those rules are not valid anymore? But I may have work tonight.”

“I checked your schedule. You are free.”

“What a stalker you are. Even my brothers are not like that.”

“Thats because I care about you more than your brothers.”

“Yeah right.”

“So its a deal?”

“I may be with Eito.”

“Oh.” Tackey went silent. Ryo suddenly felt guilty. He should just accept the offer.

“You know-“

“Are you planing to kill them tonight.” Asked Tackey carefully. Ryo could nearly hear his hidden laugh.

“I can’t tell that to you right?”

“Well I don’t care, I’ll come pick you up from the studio.”

“Hey didn’t I told you before not to decide on things-“

“Well tha will be all. See you tonight.”

“Hey wait!”


Ryo stubbornly denied it but he was happy inside. He was not that angry anymore. He grabbed the katana and turned to leave the room. But suddenly the door flew open.

“Aaaaa-aaaah Eito rangers.” Eito entered the room and posed as rangers.

“What the...!?!” Ryo stared to his bandmates with disbelief. “What are you guys doing here?.” He turned his back at them, he was kind of embaraced to face them. Lcukyly he foreget to put his cellphone back. He went to his bag.

“Ryo-chan is cold again.” Commented Maru.

“You are acting like a bunch of idiots as usual, maybe thats why.” Answered Ryo.

“We came here to ask how you are doing.”

“Feeling guilty Subaru?”

“Why would I?” Subaru pouted.

“We are not feeling guilty. We are actually quiet happy about yesterday.”

“Black you are pushing it. Be carefull.”

“Well I am doing okay. Thank you for your concern.” Ryo zipped his bag and got up. He had to face them now. He looked around, something to avoid them...

“He was so cute yesterday remeber, why would I be sorry for that.”

“Actually yes. He even said he missed us.”

“And loved us.”

“Hey! I didn’t say I love you!”

“He is Blushing.”

“I am not!” Ryo turned at them angryly.

“Didn’t you say ‘hermaphrodite’ to Yasu, ‘hana’ to Hina?”

“So you love us.” Yasu smiled happily.”

“Hey what about us?!” Ohkura hugged Ryo behind him and put his chin on his head.

“Yakitori get of of me! You are like an elephant!” Ryo tried to escape.

“See see! He loves you too.”

“Will you guys shut up! I am in middle of shooting. Bully me another time will you.”

“Nah, its not fun if we don’t do it whenever we feel like.”

Yassu sat on the couch. “You remeber how we got him up from the couch”

“Ah it was so hard to get him in the shower!”

“Who told you to? Beware I have a katana!”

“I dont think you can even move in that state.”

“Ohkura let me go.”

“And we waited him to finish for... ages?”

“Don’t want to, Its so comfy. Besides I am so hungry that I can’t even cary myself.”

“How do you expect me to cary you! You are-... Ohkura? Want my lunch? I didn’t eat much.”

Ohkura lifted his head a bit.

“Green you can’t be tricked.”

“Don’t fall for it tacchon.”

“Ryo you must shower faster next time.”

“None of your buisness! Who told you to wait for me. Ohkura the elephant, let go. I am warning you.”

“Yeah yeah.”

“But you couldn’t even walk.”

“I thought Dokkun drowned in shower.”

“Poor Tackey, you remember how he shooed him.”

“Don’t worry about him. He did get back, I mean will.”


“What did he do?”

“Nothing yet. We are going to dine  out tonight.”

“Aw. What about us?”

“None of you can come, especially Ohkura the elephant, Subaru the ossan and Yoko the toddler!”

“Somehow I feel jelous. Looks like he loves you the most.” Maru Pouted.

The door opened again. All of them turned to see who was it. The director came. But seeing Eito in the dress room he paused.

“What are you doing here? No outsiders can intrude!”

“Well we are not the type to follow the rules.” Answered Subaru.

Ryo seemed very uncomfortable. “Guys, I need to work. Maybe-“

“No need Nishikido, you are dismissed today.”

Ryo’s eyes went wide. “Why?” He felt like something scary happened.

The director paused. “I...”

“Ohkura can you let me go please.”

“No. Be a good boy and listen the director.”

Ryo bit his lips as he turned his attention back to the director. The man seemed very down.

“Nishikido-san, I would like to talk with you privately but its okay this way.”

Subaru nodded as Yoko crossed his arms. Ryo was confused. The director was really polite towards him.

“May I sit.”

“Y-yes, please.” Ryo throw glances to his band mates. They all seemed to now something.

The director sat on the edge of the couch and wiped away the sweat on his forehead. “I have been very strict these past days. I...” he went silent for a while. “I wasted so much time, and money...”

Ryo couldn’t talk. He wasn’t very sure what was going on.

“I actually behave so immature. I am truly sorry.” He bowed his head.

“That... Its...” what? How?

“Actually, Umika-san is my wife-“

“Umika-san is...?” Ryo was really shocked. He didn’t really find her attractive nor did he try to befriends with her. Actually he disliked her, still he wasn’t sure why. But now he felt guilty.

“Yes she is. But she doesn’t like that to be known. Lately she doesn’t even wear her ring-“

“I am sorry I didn’t know. I will act more carefully around her.”

“No, it is okay. You didn’t do anything wrong.” He went silent for a while. “We will give a break for one week. We will continue after that.” Director smiled. “Don’t expect me to be so soft. There are some mistakes you do.”

“Ah. Okay.” Ryo smiled. “I’ll be prepared.”

“I gotta go.” The director got up and went out. Before shutting the door behind him he said “Thank you for your understanding.”

Ryo was confused. “Ohkura let go, my phone is ringing.”

“Yassu is getting that.”

Yassu looked at the screen of the phone. “I think Ryo-chan should get this one.” He handed the phone to Ryo.


“Who was it Yassu?”


The others listened carefully to find a clue who it was.

“YOU are alright?”

“Ah, yes yes. I am.”

“I got a call today, well the jimusho did.”

“Is that so.”

“Don’t worry the jimusho is always behind you.”

“Thank you.”

“But don’t get too arrogant! Don’t slack off at the movie. I will be watchin it carefully.”


“I will be wating the results of your hard work.”


And the other side hung up.

“So you guysdid this?”

Suddenly Eito was acting so cool.

“We really don’t know what you are talking about, right Subaru?” Yoko passed his fingers through his hair.


“Cut the act. You guys suck at it.” Ryo grinned. “And ohkura let me go, fully. Not one arm.”

“But it is comfy.”

“There is a couch over there.”

“Who cares about it. It’s member-ai. Koyama would cry. Too bad its not News.”

“Aw, ohkura is a News fan?”

“Can’t help it, Ryo loves them.”

“You know I hate you more and more every second. don’t think I would be gratefull because you helped me out.”

“It was Subaru’s idea.” Said Yassu.

“Hush.” Subaru covered yassu’s mouth.

“Actually we first tried to talk with the director. But he was so angry, didn’t listen any of us.” Yoko throw a pillow to Hina.

“Will you shut up.”

“I see.” Said Ryo as he smacked Ohkura’s head with his free hand. “Just as I said. I am not forgiving you cause you saved me. You’ll still getting that painfull death.”

“We know.”

“We didn’t do it for that.”


“So...” continued Ryo. “Why don’t we ditch Tackey and go have some fun?”

“I love him when he is acting all tough.” Said Maru pinching his cheecks.

“Right?” said Yoko, hugging Ryo tightly.

“Ouch ouch ouch. Its broken. I swear you broke my bones.”




*A/N: Katana is a samurai sword and Saya is its sheath.